Post by Hannah Tyrrell

With the rise of contouring, blusher hasn’t really had a look in in recent months (poor chick)! But as fans of this once essential product, we think blusher has either been forgotten altogether or simply has a bad rep. Blusher, when used correctly, can give the faintest lift to your complexion and achieve a really natural finish. If you’re still not convinced, check this out…

Look alive!

You can’t deny it – a pop of blush makes everyone look fresh, young and healthy. Contouring is dramatic, but a rosey glow is friendly and inviting for everyday. Offering a really natural, pretty finish that perfectly compliments a delicious sweep of highlighter – it’s a real winner in our eyes.

Blush like Bobbi

In a recent interview with Bobbi Brown, she shared her very interesting top trick to make blusher look fab all day long. According to Bobbi, blusher should be applied in the colour of your skin when you pinch your cheeks, and finished with a pop of something a little brighter. She calls this ‘double blushing’ and we reckon blusher sceptics should definitely try it (Bobbi knows best)!

Where to apply

If your previous use of blusher has left you a little red-faced, then it might simply be that you’re applying it in the wrong place on your face. With blush, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ and depending on your face shape we recommend you apply in the following places:

Long faces should brush on the apples first and drag out towards the ear to create the appearance of a wider face.

Heart shaped faces suit blusher when applied under the apples. Sweep upwards at the edges to soften the chin.

Oval faces should apply blusher to the apples and sweep upwards – expect a stunning, natural finish.

Square face shapes best suit a pop of colour on the apples – it’s perfect for softening an angular face.

Round faces should brush along the cheekbones on an upwards angle to elongate the face.

Colour choice

Likewise, if you’ve disliked blusher in the past, you might simply have picked the wrong colour for your skin tone. Use your newfound knowledge of where to apply blusher with this colour guide and you’ve got a winning combination!

Fair skin tones should experiment with baby pink, peach and sheer plum shades.

Medium skin tones look best with apricot, mauve or soft berry hues.

Olive skin benefits from a complementary orangey peach, rose or bronzey tone.

Dark skin pops with raisin, brick and tangerine colours.

Bold Blush

Looking to take your blusher look that one step further? Bold blush is a really pretty and feminine look that’s perfect for everyday – and it’s a top trend for 2017! Simply take blusher up around the temples and onto the eyelids for an ethereal finish that’s like a picture from a fairy tale. Complement with natural glowing skin, a bold lip and a delicate smattering of mascara. Beautiful!