Post by Hannah Tyrrell

1.How to do a fishtail braid

Much simpler than it looks, this summer staple hair style is number one on the list of most Googled beauty questions. How to do it? Split a low pony into two equal sections and alternate pulling a small piece from the back of one side and bringing it to the front of the other. Easy!


2. How to make hair grow faster

For starters, this can be done! There are many things you can do to contribute to hair growth, including…

  • Cut it more (this means less split ends and having to cut less off each time)

  • Never tying it up wet (or in a towel turban)

  • Only shampoo the scalp to avoid losing natural oils needed for healthy hair

  • Always condition after shampooing

  • Finish showers with a cold rinse

  • Brush hair less

  • Invest in hair-loving bobbles, like Popband


3. How to shape eyebrows

Bushy brows are in, but the odd stray hair still needs to be plucked! To avoid over-plucking, it’s important to take the lead from your facial features. Check out our video with Benefit Cosmetics (also at #9) for mapping your brow shape and remember to be selective. If you’re not sure, visit a pro to avoid a 90’s skinny-brow disaster!

4. How to curl hair

We think there’s something up with this question. We’ve all seen the videos and understand that a simple twist of the straightners or a wrap around a wand results in deliciously bouncy curls. This issue is making them stay there! The answer? Mousse wet hair before drying, spray hairspray before and after, and clip each curl to the head for a few minutes after curling, before shaking out. Perfect!


5. How to remove gel nails

This one’s simple. Soak a cotton round in acetone and fix to the finger with kitchen foil. Stick on an episode of Friends and, once it’s done, remove your shiny finger-guard. For stubborn spots, rub with a little more acetone or an orange wood stick without digging into the nail. Finish by applying a generous amount of nail cream to nourish your natural nail. Et voilà!


6. How to clean makeup brushes

Cleaning brushes is key to keeping skin clear and makeup application flawless, not to mention for maintaining brush quality. Use a gentle cleanser and a brush cleaning tool to gently remove makeup. The key to keeping brushes in tip top condition? Thoroughly rinsing away cleanser and leaving plenty of time to dry flat before use!

7. How to apply concealer

If our 5 Common Concealer Mistakes post doesn’t help you here, then we don’t know what will!


8. How to get rid of eye bags

There are some really easy steps to help reduce puffiness in the eyes. The good news? Some of them are super cheap! Check this…

  • Get more sleep

  • Apply chilled tea bags or cool cucumber to the eye for up to 30 minutes

  • Start using an eye cream. Look for options including hyaluronic acid, glycerin, vitamin C and shea butter for best results

9. How to fill in eyebrows

Our video with Whitney’s Wonderland and brow masters, Benefit Cosmetics, should help answer this one. If not, check out the 6 Reasons Your Brows Aren’t On Point.

10. What is balayage?

Balayage is the super-flattering love-child of highlights and dip-dye. Random strips of hair are highlighted to give a glorious multi-tonal finish. Hair is left with a gradual ombre look that’s both chic and perfect for summer. Check it out…