10 Minutes with Michelle Roques O’Neil

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It was back in October 2015, after an hour-long commute to the office, being bumped into, ignored and squeezed into an over-heating tube carriage, that I thought I had had enough of city life.

Post by Ruth Halls

Yes, London is fantastic for the opportunities, the entertainment and the social events, but when it comes to the mind, is city living all its cracked up to be? It occurred to me that whilst we nourish our bodies through healthy eating and find a form of release through exercise or drinks with friends, perhaps we neglect our minds in this 24-hour way of living.

Enter, Therapie Roques O’Neil. With 2016 set to be our year of mindfulness, we knew it was time to explore the history, benefits and purpose of aromatherapy, and who better to learn from than industry leader, Michelle Roques-O’Neil. Named as one of the world’s top ten aromatherapists, Michelle boasts a varied and pioneering three-decade career, resulting in a range of the most innovative aromatherapy treatments – Therapie Roques-O’Neil.

A few weeks back, we were lucky enough to take a visit to Therapie Roques O’Neil HQ in West London and learn more about the brand. In this first installation of our three-part series, Michelle introduces us to the Discover Me Kit, immersing us into the world of aromatherapy.

“Healing, especially through the senses of smell and touch, has always been my passion. My products are easy to navigate, easy to use and genuinely therapeutic. Balancing the mind and helping the body to release tensions, they free us to experience life as less stressful …and more magical.” – Michelle Roques-O’Neil



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