Post by Hannah Tyrrell

So we’ve covered French beauty tips, but it’s the Korean beauty phenomenon we’re interested in this month. Taking our mere 3-step routine and turning it into a meticulous 10-step version, Korea has truly taken the beauty world by storm. Want evidence that it works? Just look at the stunning skin of Korean women! The time to ditch the slap and embrace your natural beauty is now…


To make your full cleanse as thorough as possible, be sure to remove as much surface makeup as you can beforehand. Simply take a cotton wool pad soaked in liquid cleaner and sweep away as much eye makeup, blusher and base as you can!


The next stage is a two-step, double cleanse. Begin this process by taking an oil-based cleanser and massaging into the skin. Designed to draw out impurities, this stage can be removed with lukewarm water or a damp facecloth, ready for stage two. Follow your first cleanse with a luxurious creamy cleanser to nourish and prep skin for the next steps.



While exfoliating your whole face daily might be an unnecessary chore, a quick scrub on key areas is a skincare saviour. Tackle visible pores and blackheads on the T-zone and chin each day, indulging in a more thorough exfoliation once or twice a week.


A step that can be confusing to understand, toning is mainly concerned with skin quality. Designed to improve tone (seems obvious now, right?), Korean cleansers are a far cry from our alcohol-based Western versions. Hydrating and clarifying, they leave skin feeling super clean and ready for more targeted skincare…


A new product on the Western skincare scene, essence is the second most essential part of a Korean skincare routine… After a double cleanse, of course. Lighter and less concentrated than a serum, essence essentially (yep, we did that) preps skin to really benefit from serum. Not only that, it leaves skin with a crystal clear finish, ready for stage six!



A familiar friend in our skincare routines, serum is targeted skincare at its best! Designed with a multitude of issues in mind, the right serum can correct dullness, the signs of aging and more. Packed with powerful antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, the right formula will quickly become your skincare BFF.

Sheet Mask

These guys played a huge role in the K-beauty phenomenon – and boy do we love a good sheet mask! Although not necessary every day, a sheet mask is recommended two-to-three times a week for real results. On your off days? Indulge in a quick facial massage to increase bloodflow to the face for a gorgeous glow!


Eye Cream

You might already apply this guy in the morning, but a 10-step K-beauty routine suggests a bedtime blob of eye cream too. Tap into thinner skin around the eye socket to tackle the signs of tiredness and aging. Puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles and more, these guys can do the lot!


Replenishing hydration after such an intensive skincare routine is essential and moisturiser is the product to do just that! Massage the fingertips over the skin and neck to boost circulation, before moving onto the final stage…

Sleeping Mask

Finish with an ultra-hydrating, super creamy night cream or sleep mask for guaranteed gorgeous skin. Lock in that moisturiser and take your glow to the next level while you sleep – and you’re finally ready for bed!