Post by Hannah Tyrrell

The wonderful worlds of beauty and fashion are so entwined it’s impossible to do your party makeup without first considering your fashion choice. And if you have a standout lipstick you want to wear, well you simply must select the right outfit to show it off to its full potential!

With this in mind, we thought we’d put together a list of key fashion trends for the festive season and suggest how we might dress our party outfits with complimentary makeup. Easy!

Animal Print

When it comes to this fashion trend, your makeup must be puuurrrfect (sorry)! What better way to compliment your statement animal print dress than with a simple, yet stunning winged eyeliner? Offering a super sleek finish that allows your dress to do all the talking, a feline flick is a must-have to nail this trend for the party season!



Whether it’s in your shoes, bag, dress or an ‘out-there’ suit this season, your outfit just isn’t complete without a touch of velvet. A favourite in high end and high street party collections, we can’t seem to escape this luxury fabric (and we wouldn’t want to, either)! If you’re accessorising with velvet accent pieces, a deep berry velvet matte lipstick will add a further decadent touch to your look.

Large amounts of velvet requires careful handling though, make sure you don’t overdo it by adding luxe touches to your makeup too. Instead, opt for a more natural finish that lets your look speak for itself!



Tackle a bold metallic look with caution this festive period… this is a look that can easily be cheapened with the wrong makeup! Steer clear from a classic red lip, which would look out of place with such a futuristic trend, and instead opt for a subtle smokey eye. Adding just the right amount of sexy to your look for the evening, a smudge of smoke along the lids is the perfect addition of drama to your look, without running the risk of overdoing it!


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