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Post by Hannah Tyrrell

Tomorrow is officially national ‘Kiss and Make Up Day’ – reminding us to get over it and move on. Time to drop those grudges, and learn to forgive and forget. But, where to start? Well, Kiss and Makeup with yourself, of course. Get past those insecurities, forgive yourself (because no one’s perfect) and move forward like the superstar that you are. You do you, honey… no one else can!


Break down those barriers

Many of us have barriers up. We don’t want to show our vulnerability, because we see vulnerability as a weakness. But you’re wrong – if we’ve learned anything from Love Island’s Camilla Thurlow, it’s to be honest about your insecurities. By hiding behind a mask, you’re not being true to yourself.

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Take inspo from Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in shade Cathedral. Hard and spiky on the outside, this lip product is a soft coco pink on the inside. Yep, the outside is badass, but the inside’s what matters most. Let people see what’s going on inside and you’ll soon see the people that love you for being true – with them, and yourself.

Show your true colours

It’s easy to hold back – we’re all so worried about scaring people by being ‘too bold’. So, we live in the shadows, wishing we were confident enough to wear that bright pink lip look, so shocking it turns heads. We don’t push our boundaries and so we never discover our real beauty.

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But, why aren’t you? Try it! Ellis Faas Hot Lips in Bright Fuchsia boasts a comfortable, creamy texture and matte sheer finish. It’s bold, summery and says you’re confident and fun. See if it can help you gain confidence and really lose your inhibitions. Never underestimate the power of lipstick (and yourself)!

Embrace your sexuality

Thankfully, we live in a country that’s pretty tolerant and accepting of sexuality in its many shapes. So, use it! If you’ve ever second guessed your sexiness or looked at someone and thought ‘I wish I could wear that’ – we’re here to say that you absolutely can.


Buxom believe that bombshells rule the world. Being loud and proud about who you are is the basis of this, and their products back it up. Their Full-On Lip Polish in Dolly is a sexy, shimmery mauve shade. It also boasts plumping tingly ingredients and hyaluronic acid for a pretty plump pout. Time to be bigger, brighter, sexier and prouder. Kiss that, girlfriend!