Post by Hannah Tyrrell

We’ve covered top foundation, mascara, concealer and lipstick mistakes, but what in your beauty regime are you doing totally wrong every day? From not removing your makeup properly to not protecting your skin before going out, are these the top 5 beauty mistakes we’re all guilty of?

Not removing makeup properly

Stop right there. Don’t even think about touching your face with that makeup wipe… Your skin deserves better than that! A thorough cleanse in the evening and a gentle morning cleanse is an essential part of any good beauty regime. We recommend taking off the majority of makeup with a micellar water, before reaching for a cleanser to purge deep into the pores. On top of that, remember to use an exfoliant twice weekly and finish with a toning product to really condition the skin. Lovely!


Not protecting your skin

Fast track your way to wrinkled skin if you neglect to protect it from the aging sun. It might not seem significant now, but the best anti-wrinkle technique is to start protecting your skin before signs start to show. Ultrasun effectively provide high SPF solutions in everyday products to hold off the signs of aging. Take their Face sun protection cream – it doubles up as a primer, allowing for slicker makeup application with that added hit of SPF30! Oh, and it’s developed for very sensitive skin, too.

Not prepping your skin

It’s not just the sun you need to worry about, pollution in the air makes skin vulnerable to all kinds of free radical damage. Caudalie’s nifty new Vine[activ] range has a unique Anti Cell Burnout Complex designed to trigger the skin’s natural defenses – helping the body produce its own combative antioxidants. On top of that, their 3-in-1 Moisturizer provides an anti-pollution veil to prevent the majority of pollutant particles from touching the skin, plus their Eye Cream is proven to reduce crows feet by a whopping 24%! Try it and see…


Not using the right tools

Beauty is as much about what you do as how you do it. The right tools for the right job improve application and finish, while good quality tools will typically last longer, resulting in a cheaper cost per use. At Love Me Beauty we’re huge fans of EcoTools, not least because of their eco-friendly approach, but because their brushes do the job very well. Each brush has its unique use written on it, so you know exactly what you’re doing with it, and will last an age if cared for properly. Easy…

Wearing too much makeup

A true beauty crime, wearing too much makeup is a major mistake for a whole host of reasons. Firstly, the occasional makeup-free face is super important to give your skin the chance to breathe, as makeup can clog pores and lead to skin irritation. Not to mention that wearing a lot of makeup will make it difficult to up your game when it really counts – and who doesn’t love a compliment when they’ve pulled out all the stops, ey? Besides all of this, a more natural look is much more on-trend this season, while focussing on combatting skin issues – rather than contributing to them – is a much more healthy approach to beauty.


If you’re not quite ready to go naked yet though, pair your natural skin with a bold lip for a super striking on-trend look. You’ll save your skin, yet feel confident to rock it! Check out The Boldest Lip for a breakdown of the incredible colour and finish combos from Ellis Faas in our Edit…