Post by Hannah Tyrrell

In an Instagrammed sea of ombre lips, winged liners and cut-creases, it can be easy to forget what really matters with makeup. And while you might be able to kill someone with your sharp liner, it means nothing if your foundation is a flop! A beauty basic often overlooked for its less than glamorous appeal, foundation is your most important makeup product. Not sure you’re getting it right? Well, check out these 5 common mistakes to see if you’re on track…


The most obvious mistake when it comes to foundation is getting your shade wrong! Instead of opting for a darker shade of foundation, match your skin colour exactly, and use bronzing powder to add depth and definition. Focus on lightly contouring the jawline, cheekbones, temples and forehead for a flawless finish with just the right amount of colour!

Top tip: define each side of your face in the shape of a number 3 (one backwards) and contour to perfection.



The second most important thing to consider when choosing the right foundation for you is formula. Dewy skin might be in, but be careful opting for satin finishes if you’re an oily/combo kinda gal, otherwise the formula just won’t stay put. Instead, opt for a slightly mattifying formula that can be lifted with a blob of brightening concealer and highlighter. Likewise, dry skinned girls should avoid mineral powders that will dry skin out and settle in cracks – plump for a sheer silky satin formula and you’ll be right as rain!



From your traditional foundation brush to beauty blenders, it can be difficult to pinpoint which tool is for you.

Foundation Brush: Best for liquid and cream products, and precision application, this brush allows you to get right around the eyes and nose with ease.

Beauty Blender: Get that flawless airbrushed finish with even high coverage foundations, thanks to a damp beauty blender. Brilliant for dry skin and to blend, blend, blend.

Stippling Brush: Your number one for a natural finish, stippling brushes are right for you if you just want a light smattering of sheer colour.

Kabuki Brush: A go-to for powder foundations, a Kabuki brush expertly buffs powder into the skin.

Flat-top Brush: Short of time? This brush is ideal for anyone looking for a quick getaway. The dense bristles mean no streaks, while the size and shape mean it’s never been easier to apply your face!


Not prepping and setting

No matter how good your foundation is, prepping your skin with a primer is a must! Designed to minimise pores, fill fine lines and keep makeup looking fresh all day, you’d be mad to ignore this essential product. Not just a case of prep though, setting is also key for a flawless finish all day. Pat translucent powder onto wet foundation to maintain foundation colour, without a cakey finish.


You’re applying all over the face

Ok, so we all have our flaws, but your whole face? That’s a bit extreme! We’re sure you don’t mean to cover your whole face, but you always thought that’s what foundation was for, right? Wrong! Applying foundation all over the face means you’ll be on a fast-track to Cakey Town. Start in the middle and work your way out for a thicker coverage in the centre – where most people have pigmentation and pore flaws – and simply blend towards the edges where skin is more even. Easy!