By Ruth Strachan

With autumnal weather upon us, we can expect less sun and as a result paler skin (unless you’re one of those lucky winter-sun holiday goers). But don’t let your creamy complexion get you down, we’ve got the beauty hacks you need to rock a lighter skin tone!

Matching Your Foundation

It’s really common for women to switch foundations when the colder months approach but it can be really tricky to find the perfect shade to match your paler self.

DO test swatches on your neck for the closest colour match.

DO your research for brands that have wide shade ranges.

DON’T pick a shade too pale or too dark.

Looking Washed Out

It’s easy to feel like your skin is a little bland or boring when sporting your autumn/winter skin but by looking after your canvas, you’re skin will glow through the colder months.

DO use a moisturising primer to set your make up.

DO use a highlighter to add a healthy glow.

DON’T forget to moisturise!

Contouring? Yeah Right!

Dark contouring shades can be a little scary when you’re whiter than a ghost, but with so many products to choose from on the market, there are products that will sculpt your face perfectly!

DO shop around for a lighter contour shade.

DO blend your contour for a softer look.

DON’T feel like you have to skip contouring altogether!

Looking Gothic

A gothic, vampy make up look is PERFECT for autumn, however it can sometimes feel like that’s all a pale complexion is good for. You can still get a more natural, pretty look by adding soft blushers to your make-up bag!

DO go for pearly pink hues.

DO feel free to embrace gothic shades (you can rock them after all).

DON’T feel like you can’t carry brighter colours.

Are You Sick?

We’ve all been there, someone has said that you look peaky and you feel a little paranoid that everyone thinks your patient zero in a new pale-skin epidemic.

DO make sure that you’re looking after your skin properly.

DO add pops of colour to your look (they will contrast perfectly with your skintone).

DON’T try to pile on the bronzer or hide your natural skin!

There you have it, a few beauty hacks that will have you loving your pale skin this autumn!