Post by Hannah Tyrrell

So while strobing is the technique of the moment, that light ain’t nothin’ without a little shade! From product selection to application, there are so many things you could be doing wrong with your current bronzer game. This post is designed to get you throwing shade in the right ways and in all the right places for a gorgeous glowCheck it out…


The first thing to get right – and most obvious thing when wrong – is finding the perfect shade. Depending on your skin tone, your shade of bronzer is crucial to getting a natural glow. Here’s what we suggest:

– Fair skin: You guys lack warmth in your skin tone, meaning peachy bronzers are made for you!

– Medium skin: Your tanned, olive skin means you’re lucky enough to suit most bronzer shades (unfair!).

– Deep skin: Golden-brown bronzers with a reddy undertone are a dark-skinned beauty’s BFF!



If applying bronzer only ever consists of taking a brush loaded with product over your whole face, then we have a few tips for you, girl:

– For a sun-kissed look: Take product across the top of the cheekbones, forehead, down the centre of nose and onto the chin. This gives the appearance that the high parts of the face have caught the sun for a glowing Goddess look!

For a sculpted look: Create definition by applying bronzer under the cheekbones, in the hairline, around the temples and along the jawline in a ‘3’ shape. Give the appearance of perfect bone structure in seconds.


Whether you’re looking for precision application, all-over colour or something in between, using the correct tool is essential! To sculpt cheekbones, why not combine a cream bronzer with EcoTools’ Contour Perfecting Applicator? The firm tip and handle allow for precise application, while the spongy sides allow for blending perfection!

Prefer a brush? EcoTools can help you there too! Their Full Powder brush is made with 70,000 bristles to effectively distribute powder. Perfect for an all-over bronzed wash.



We’ve already mentioned where to apply, but the right technique is key to success! Loading product onto your brush, without tapping away excess, can overload the skin and be hard to buff away. We recommend slowly building the desired colour with small amounts of bronzer at a time, and softly blending out with a clean brush. Easy!


So you’ve tried powder bronzer and ended up cakey! It might be a simple case of finding a finer powder to distribute and blend more naturally. Alternatively, girls with dry skin might prefer a cream or liquid bronzer. Trust us – there’s a bronzer out there for you, you just need to find it.



You might assume a bronzed look requires plenty of shimmer. And you’d be totally wrong! A huge mistake a lot of people make is to always plump for bronzer with added lustre. For starters, you don’t want shimmer all-over your face and you definitely don’t want to contour with it. Why? Well, because contouring is used to add shade and glimmer particles attract light.

Use shimmery products with a sun-kissed look only – although a matte finish will still do the job! If you want a radiant shimmer, we recommend dabbing Manna Kadar Glo along the brow bone, the tops of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and the Cupid’s bow. It’ll be super natural and complement your bronzer perfectly…