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Anyone who reads about beauty will know that it’s recommended you change your makeup and beauty routine from season to season. But how many of you actually do it? Or even know how? Well we figured that, like us, you might not actually want to. We all have our favourite foundation and skincare routines, and we’re not sure we want spring to mess with them, thanks.

That being said though, we’re well aware of the effects of the weather on skin and, if you’re in-tune with your skin, you’ll see it change too. So while we know you’re not completely convinced, we think you should give it a chance! Here’s the top changes you should make to transition from winter to spring (and they don’t require a lot of effort, at all)…

Chuck away the clutter

We’ve seen you, Miss Makeup-Hoarder, get that 2 year old eye primer you only use on ‘special occasions’ straight in the bin! Spring cleaning is good for the soul, but not spring cleaning your makeup bag is bad for your eyes and skin. They have a use-by date for a reason, ladies… Oh, and clean or clear out your makeup brushes while you’re at it, would you? Step 1 complete!

Mascara mix up

Your faithful favourite is all well and good, but by 12 o’clock it’s starting to give you panda eyes in a way it’s never done before, right? A rise in temperature can cause this to happen, so make sure you’re waterproof (aka sweat proof) for spring/summer 17. It’ll help for those (hopefully sporadic) April showers too. Just make sure you’re not making these mascara mistakes as well…

All about the base

A lot of you might feel uncomfortable in a lighter foundation formula, but to look effortlessly cool (and by cool, we mean not uncomfortable and sweaty) thick foundations are a no-no. Ease into a lighter foundation for spring/summer by opting for a BB cream, CC cream or tinted moisturiser with a thicker coverage concealer for troublesome areas. Oh, but it won’t stay put? Hang around for #4…

Set in stone

If you’re anxious about your lighter formula slipping, then it’s definitely time to use a setting mist or setting powder for more than just a big night out. We love Laura Mercier’s Translucent Setting Powder or Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray for a flawless finish all day long. Give it a go!

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Brighten up!

If you’re not convinced about trading in your makeup staples in for a shiny spring alternative, then at least you should switch up your colour palette. Swap deep, berry matte lipsticks for brighter lipglosses and sheer finishes. If you can’t bear to beat the matte mania, a semi-matte finish in bold oranges and pinks are still perfectly seasonal. Pair with a shimmery bronzer or brighter pink blush, and lots of highlighter to complete your spring makeover.

Lighten the load

The most essential winter-spring transition comes in the form of skincare. Ditch the heavy winter formulas in favour of a lighter spring delight. Look for serums and moisturizers with hyaluronic acid for the same intense hydration, without the need for thick creams. Oh, and don’t forget to include a squidge of high factor SPF for that essential sun protection. Et voila!