#7 IS KEY!

Post by Hannah Tyrrell

Don’t just follow trends

While keeping up with trends is a great way to change up your look, following trends too closely can be disastrous. Whether it’s fashion or beauty, trends won’t always suit you, so be sure to always ask yourself whether the look is complimentary. A classic look done well is always a winner, while a trend done badly is a sure-fire way to become a fashion victim!

Leave your eyebrows alone

Today, brows are big business, but if you grew up in the 90’s you might find you’ve been a little plucky with hair removal in the past. If you weren’t blessed with a Cara Delevingne bushy brow, or you simply whipped 90% off, there’s still hope with the mass of brow-enhancing products. Leave them completely alone if you can, but if they need taming, go to the salon!


Don’t sleep with makeup on

As you sleep, skin goes into ‘repair mode’ and traps makeup in the pores – leading to acne, dry skin, redness, blackheads and more. But eye makeup can cause irritation too – we’re talking abrasions, infection and inflammation (not sexy!). Avoid this makeup mishap by keeping a stash of makeup wipes next to your bed for when your usual routine is just too much to face!

While you’re at it, make sure the sleep you’re getting is not just makeup-free, but great quality – they don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing!

Avoid messing with your hair

We’ve all heard the horror stories of home-dye kits gone wrong and over-bleached hair falling out. Avoid ruining (or losing) your hair by being super careful to maintain its glossy gorgeousness. Embrace your natural locks, get a professional involved and be sure to research DIY kits to maintain the condition of your hair.


Wear sunscreen and avoid the sun

More talked about than ever, it’s not just a case of applying sunscreen in the sun any more, but everyday. Many foundations include an SPF factor, but it’s often not enough. If you can’t avoid the sun completely (or value your tan, above all) there’s a wealth of options from top skincare brands that are like a moisturiser, but help protect from the damaging effects of the sun. Amazing!

Drink water and eat well

Eat and drink yourself beautiful with skin-loving ingredients and plenty of water. According to science, water helps the production of collagen which in turn plumps up skin. This reduces the appearance of wrinkles and pores, making skin less likely to absorb external nastiness hell-bent on giving you a major breakout! All the usual health foods of fish, fruit, veg, and nuts also do the trick to improve the quality of your skin. Get beautiful from the inside out!


Smile and be kind

If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always 
look lovely. – Roald Dahl