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No matter how flawless your makeup at 9am, it’s what it looks like at 4pm that really matters! That’s because the skill of makeup really lies in baking, sandbagging and setting makeup to perfection for hours (not minutes) of flawless wear. Finding yourself panda eyed by 12 o’clock? This one’s for you…


Begin all makeup application with a squidge of pore-perfecting primer to lock that base in place. Designed to smoothen the skin for makeup application, it helps to keep that freshly applied look for longer. Perfect!

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Oil-free foundation

Going oil-free is key to keeping makeup in place, as oiliness only contributes to slipping. When selecting your foundation formula look for buzzwords like ‘all-day/long wear’ and formulas designed specifically for oily skin. Revlon ColorStay Foundation oily/combination is an inexpensive superstar for oil control!

Less is more

While you might think adding more makeup means there’ll be plenty left to pull off a half-decent face when it starts to slide, that isn’t the case. Less is more, ladies! Apply foundation only to the parts you need it, to cover redness, uneven skintone and imperfections. Besides looking a lot more natural, it will last much longer, as thick makeup can smudge easily and rub off. Simple!

Setting powder

Once you’ve got your foundation game on point, it’s time to set it in place. Coloured setting powders can replace your regular powder to improve skintone, whereas translucent setting powders are your best bet for not altering the colour of your foundation. Press into wet foundation with a powder puff for best results and to avoid disrupting foundation finish. Laura Mercier’s Translucent Setting Powder is the bomb! Top tip: apply a thick layer right under the eye for a few minutes before brushing away, to hold concealer (and eyeliner) in place.

The perfect pair. Featured: Velour Puff and Translucent Loose Setting Powder

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Blot a lot

Blotting excess oil throughout the day is essential for preventing the oil from causing your makeup to slip. Wiping away oil will only disrupt the makeup underneath, while applying more makeup on top is a fast track ticket to Cakey Town. Use dedicated oil-absorbing blotting strips and reapply makeup after where needed. Easy!

Setting spray

Fixing sprays are a game-changer for helping makeup stay all day. They’re available in matte or dewy and act like a top coat for your face. The good news? Urban Decay’s De-slick formula also helps to control oil, while holding foundation and powder in place all day… We are not worthy!

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Mascara mishaps happen – poking yourself in the eye, blobbing on the side of your nose, but panda eyes from smudging throughout the day shouldn’t be one of them. The solution? Go waterproof. It’s as simple as that!

Curl eyelashes

Curling eyelashes before applying mascara is a sure-fire way to make your mascara last longer. A curl from mascara alone is not enough to keep those lashes feathery all day, but a quick curl in three places (the base, middle and end) will do your flirty fluttering the world of good.

Yet more setting…

So while we’ve already mentioned how setting foundation with powder works, you can bring the principles of this trick to your liquid eyeliner game too. How? Well, go over liquid eyeliner with eyeshadow in the same shade and rock a strong, bold line all day long!