All you need to know for a weekend in New York City



Whether it’s a busy weekend away you’re looking for, a romantic getaway or the ultimate tourist adventure, New York has something for everyone. It’s been called the City that Never Sleeps, the Concrete Jungle and of course, the Big Apple. These are a few of our favourite places to visit during your stay in NYC.

Post by Cara Curtis


Given its name, the Big Apple, NYC is pretty unwalkable (well, unless you wanted to work off those pizza slices). The best option for getting around the big city is either the Subway or a Citi Bike depending on how daring you’re feeling and the weather.
When travelling in cities, it’s essential to plan transport options before arriving as there’s nothing worse than wanting to squeeze everything you can into one day but having no clue of how to get to each area. The best app for getting around easily is City Mapper. Using public transport is not only the best option for your purse than taking an Uber everywhere but it’s also quicker; NYC road traffic is a no-go. Whilst in New York City, just hail a yellow cab like a proper New Yorker.


Staying as central as you can is always the best option but not always the cheaper option. New York has amazing places to visit at every corner of the city so spend time beforehand choosing the perfect location for you. The most convenient location to stay in so you’re both close to the the main spots while living like a local is SoHo. With Little Italy just a stroll away from this location you’ll be spoilt for choice for evening dinners.



For most people, visiting NYC is a rushed experience, trying to visit everything at the same time within just a few days. Obviously, you just have to get a picture of the Empire State Building, the Flat Iron and the One World Trade Centre. But, don’t forget to grab a coffee and a bagel and visit the best spot of all; Central Park. This huge park is our highlight of the whole city. You can escape the bustle and relax in peace with the city living on around you. Whether you fancy going for a stroll around the park or head to the ice-rink, central park really is for everyone.



We’re sure you have all heard of New York’s famous gallery, Museum of Modern Art, MOMA (this is the part when you do become a tourist). This spot is the ultimate must-do! This six-story, art filled mansion will inspire and create some great Insta’s for you. There’s something for everyone, whether you enjoy art or not, it’s a step into history.


Travelling to the big city is like visiting 100 different countries all at the same time, and this inevitably brings some of the best choices for food! If you want pizza, you’re in luck because there’s to be a $1 pizza slice on every corner. Another New York classic for food is Chinatown located in Lower Manhattan. The easiest thing about this is that you can visit here without a reservation or a plan; there’s an unlimited option of good Chinese food in this neighbourhood and a definite must-do.


Saturdays Surf coffee shop is a must. Quiet and far away from the tourist mayhem and hidden away down cobbled Crosby Street, come here to relax with a coffee in an L.A themed spot filled with surfboards, books and accessories.

 Have you travelled to NYC before? What was your favourite part?