Post by Hannah Tyrrell

When it comes to aging, growing old gracefully is definitely the way to go. The odd wrinkle here and there is preferable to a face of Botox and surgical enhancements – we’d all agree on that! But what if we told you that preventing wrinkles is actually quite simple? Properly preparing your skin is all it takes, so long as you know what you’re protecting it from you can stay youthful and beautiful forever. Here’s how…


Sun exposure is the primary cause of skin aging, but we bet you’re not worried because your foundation has SPF10, right? Well, foundations are ok for a short amount of sun exposure, but often only contain protection from UVB rays. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends a minimum of SPF15 combined with broad-spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB. Ultrasun offer just that, in super wearable formulas! They have a Face product that doubles up as a primer – that professional makeup artists (and us) love, by the way – and an SPF20 Sports Gel for that’s perfect for darker skin tones and sporting activity alike. Neat!

Pollution protection

Number two on the super harmful-to-skin list is… Pollution! Bad news in a country where our capital city’s air pollution levels have been on ‘high alert’ all year. Enter Caudalie, the saviour skincare specialists whose brand new Vine[activ] range is designed to protect skin from pesky pollution. Hurrah! Perfect for busy city-dwellers, their 3-in-1 Moisturizer boasts an anti-pollution veil that limits the amount of pollution particles that come in contact with the skin.

Want to tackle dark circles too? No sweat. They also have an eye cream that will awaken, reduce dark circles and smooth out those crows feet too!


So if you’ve started to show signs of wrinkling, sagging and dullness due to aging – is the only option to embrace Grandma chic (or a bag over your head)? Of course not! Our friends at Perricone MD have developed an all-singing, all-dancing product with anti-aging copper, helping to boost natural collagen levels. Collagen’s the stuff in young skin that’s plump and elastic, so get ready to see your wrinkles filled and your skin tightened!

For an intense hit of collagen boosting goodness? Korebeauty’s Hydrogel Facial Mask boasts a wrinkle-fighting formula with cellular repairing qualities for greater elasticity and youthful, supple skin. It’s super indulgent and gloriously luxurious too!