Bambi Eyed Brows



2015 continued to host the beauty world’s obsession with brows. We could hardly keep track of the new brow products appearing on counters last year, and with good reason! Brows are the quickest and easiest way to take 10 years off, in a matter of minutes. 2016 will see us move away from big, bold, one-size-fits-all brows and shift towards individuality and clever shaping to achieve instant results.

Post by Ruth Halls


The shape

Fine, over-arched brows can be ageing, not just because of their 90’s connotations, but because as we get older, our brows naturally get thinner and finer. Until recently, it was a beauty industry secret that a soft arch acts as an instant youth-boosting eyelift. A fuller brow is youthful, frames the face and creates a polished starting point for makeup.

Of course, Cara is an immediate reference, but our current favourite brow muses are models Bambi Northwood-Blythe and Jena Goldsack. Notice how the fullness of their brows are balanced by a youthful feminine arch and natural shading. Get the model brow look by brushing brows upward and setting with a balm, or tinted brow gel.

The shade

Of course, we’re not all blessed with Bambi-brows! 2016 will see us step back from the classic deep-dark Scouse brow and lean towards more natural, taupey shades, a trick used Jennifer Lopez. This lighter hue makes the fuller brow much more wearable and youthful and creates a generally softer makeup look. Us LMB girls swear by regular brow tints, which not only save us time in the mornings, but also creates a naturally fuller shape by depositing colour on the finer blonde hairs around the brow.


We love 3-shades-in-1 Lord & Berry Magic Brow pencil for a natural looking shape and texture.


The maintenance

Low maintenance beauties rejoice! Fuller brows mean letting those sporadic brow hairs grow and only tweezing those which fall outside of our softer arches. We recommend regular threading (every 2-3 weeks ideally!) and then just tidying in between appointments. This way, you’ll won’t be tempted to reshape at home (we’ve all been too tweezer-happy once!) and you’ll maintain an expertly created, youthful arch.

HD Brows at Boxpark

Amelia, our resident brow queen, has raved about HD Brows for years. Now, to much to Amelia’s delight, the cult brand has opened up shop at Boxpark Shoreditch, just around the corner from LMB HQ. Unfortunately the pop up is just that – a pop up – as the shop will only be taking bookings until January 10th.


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