Beach beauty etiquette: Beach bum vs beach babe

Sunkissed girls tumblr (1)

Image: Tumblr – Sunkissed Girls


We all know those women that can pull of the effortless beach vibe without even trying. They appear built for hotter climes; a golden glow, tousled salty waves and not a touch of makeup in sight. Others however require a little more of a helping hand in that area, adding a few more products to our beauty routine to look ‘effortlessly’ flawless on the beach. No matter which camp you fall in, we recommend undertaking three essential steps before you hit the beach: polish, prep and preen.


Step one involves exfoliating skin (at least 24 hours before sun exposure to avoid burning). Step 2; prep skin for the sun. Use a lightweight, non-greasy SPF such as the Vita Liberata Marula Dry Tan Oil for high protection, which also has the added bonus of completing step 3; enhancing the look of the skin with a bronze glow.


So, which camp do you fall into?

Beach bum

  • You wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a bright lip on the beach – it would just hinder the ice cream eating
  • You fully embrace your natural hair, regardless of whether it tousles or goes a little ‘Monica in Barbados’
  • Tan lines tell a story and you’ll show them off to anyone who will listen
  • Surfing, scuba diving…you name it, you get involved without hesitation
  • You picked up your travel size beauty products at the airport
  • You don’t see the point of fake tan – too much effort
  • You embrace your summer freckles
  • Forget being served cocktails, you’ve befriended all the bar staff and are behind the bar making them yourself!
  • You seriously contemplate moving abroad, working in a beachside cafe and visualise how your friends and family would react



Beach babe

  • You had your beach beauty products packed in your head as soon as you booked the holiday
  • You spend half an hour perfecting your ‘no makeup makeup look’
  • The only hair texture you allow in your hair comes from a bottle
  • You view tan lines as a disaster and should be avoided at all costs
  • You enjoy one too many cocktails, served by the pool
  • You prefer the pool to the beach because who ahs time for sand?
  • You had a spray tan and a neon gel manicure before you went away – those toes have got to shine brighter than the sun or what’s the point?
  • You spend an equal amount of time applying body oil as you do sunscreen
  • You use a hat to shield for your face. No premature ageing for you!
  • You’re secretly happy at the thought of getting back to your home amenities by the end of your holiday