Post by Hannah Tyrrell

Marilyn Monroe

Her curvaceous figure, classic cat eyes and full brow were enough to make her the perfect pin-up. But her beauty spot, platinum blonde hair and timeless red lip have cemented her as a real beauty icon! We can’t get enough of Marilyn’s charm, fascinated by her transformation from Norma Jean by Mr Max Factor – the inventor of modern makeup, no less. Have your very own Marilyn moment with a kiss from Charlotte Tilbury’s signature shade, So Marilyn, created in her honour. We are not worthy!

Victoria Beckham

Starting out life as one fifth of the biggest girl band in history, Posh Spice AKA Victoria Beckham has been a beauty icon ever since she hit our radar. In beauty she harnesses the allure of rarely smiling, invented the ‘Pob’ haircut of 2005 (who can forget?) and has a go-to makeup look that she rarely strays from. Since her experimental days in Pop, she has settled into her own style – teaching us that fashion and beauty are as simple as knowing what suits you and sticking to it. The Beckham brand have cemented her and David *swoon* as the ultimate trendsetters, and the hype around her recent collaboration with Estee Lauder implies she’s here to stay! Grab a slice of Vicky’s iconic style with a sweep of Very Victoria lipstick. Mwah!

Kate Moss

Discovered age 14, Moss’ waifish figure was a stark contrast to the fuller figured supermodels of the late-eighties and her unique look made her an instant hit. Paving the way for the ‘look’ we see on catwalks today, Kate is often associated with the dark side of modelling – highlighted most prominently in the infamous nineties ‘Heroin Chic’ movement. That being said, her trademark grungy style and rock ‘n’ roll attitude have cemented her as a true beauty icon. Still modelling, she’s the face of top ad campaigns for British brands Rimmel, Burberry and Topshop, making Charlotte Tilbury’s Nude Kate lipstick very apt indeed, darlings!

Kim K.W

Our final fabulous icon is no less than Mrs Kardashian-West. One fifth (and founding member) of the Kardashian-Jenner revolution, Kim Kardashian is as ‘marmite’ a person as they get! In the beauty world, though, her icon status is undeniable. Changing the face of makeup with her contour, trademark nude lip and and raven locks, she’s a-typical of previous icons. Not least because of her bootylicious body which puts previous Booty Queen, J-Lo, to shame. Lacking the allure and mystique of the previous three women, Kim is a chronic narcissist and over-sharer. Thanks to her popular social media accounts and reality TV series, fans feel they really know Kim – making her icon status less about the inner ‘star’, but her outward appearance. Like her or not, the fascination with this woman and her family shows no signs of slowing down!