Big Changes Are Coming To Love Me Beauty!

We have exciting news, from the 2nd February your Love Me Beauty membership as you know it, is changing (for the better)!

Say goodbye to credits & samples, and say HELLO to your new access all areas membership gaining you exclusivity to our collaboration with Phase Zero.

Phase Zero will bring you the most up-to-date beauty trends in colour cosmetics, at a fraction of the price!

As our most loyal, devoted, faithful and true members (we love you basically), we are giving you FIRST access to Phase Zero and we invite you to shop with us on the 02/02/18…….Excited?


Now that we have your attention, let us break down the details, and what changes you can expect to see with your new updated and improved membership.

What you pay now  

Depending on your current membership plan, £13.95, £11.95 or £8.95 per month for the duration of your membership choice.

What you will pay with your new membership

The same as the plan you’re currently on for as long as you remain active (believe us you won’t want to leave!)

What your current membership gets you.

60 credits per month to spend on sample items in our Shop.

What your new membership will get you

For new members there is full access to Phase Zero at factory prices. But for YOU, we are giving you full access to Phase Zero at factory prices AND a credit voucher for the total price of your monthly membership (Our new users won’t receive a credit voucher each month, they will be paying £5 to simply access our shop at factory prices).

So that’s the price of your membership, right back at you, ready to spend on makeup. You can thank us later!

What you currently pay for postage

£3.95 included in your total membership package for each monthly order. Any add on orders additional to your monthly membership cost £3.95 at checkout.  

What you will pay for postage

Postage will be applied for every order at a standard rate of £3.95 …. The voucher on your account can be redeemed against postage as well. Any additional orders will be charged postage which is applied at checkout.

How many times a month you can shop on your current membership

Once a month with your 60 credits P+P included. Multiple times a month using add on credits.

How many times a month you can shop on the new membership

You can shop as many times as you like on your membership. Membership gains you access to Phase Zero at factory prices. We will no longer be selling add on credits, and any remaining credits on your account will be converted into ANOTHER voucher to redeem against product in our shop, 10 credits = £1. Simply visit the shop and buy as many items as you like per order. Additional P+P will be applied at checkout.

What your billing date is currently

Depending on whether you pay with PayPal or Debit/credit card, your payment date will be on the 1st or 2nd of each month.

What your new billing date will be

Your billing price, information and date of payment will remain unaffected. The only change is you will not be getting 60 credits but instead, a voucher to redeem against products in our shop now all priced in ££.

Some other stuff we think you should know….

Alongside your membership, you are now part of our growing beauty community, with an improved loyalty scheme in the making (coming soon), and the chance to be entered into exclusive brand campaigns, FOR FREE! You’re going to want to read about this….

If you’re on one of our 3 or 6 month plans, these will remain at the same price and will auto renew onto the same plan. If you cancel your legacy membership and decide to rejoin, you will have to re-subscribe at the new price of £5 per month with access to Phase Zero at factory prices (membership vouchers are only for our existing members), or you can shop Phase Zero at the standard RRP without a membership.

You can cancel your membership as before by hitting cancel on your account or contacting a member of our team who can cancel your account when you have reached the full duration of your existing membership.