Post by Hannah Tyrrell

We’re excited to announce a few cheeky tweaks are launching to improve our service! Some things you’ll already be aware of, but other changes are in the pipeline and on their way in the coming weeks. With so many cool things coming at you, we thought you deserved a proper explanation – what you can expect and why it’s happening. So, here it is…

1. More product choice 

As of this month, we’ve started adding more product than ever before. That’s because we’re building a shop! Why? Well, you guys wanted more choice and we listened – so, more product you shall have…

2. No more limited edition Edits

That nicely leads into change number 2 – we’re doing away with limited edition Edits. Don’t worry, we’ll keep adding new products every 2nd of the month, but once a product is added it’ll stay put until there’s none left. Then, just like a shop, we’ll try and get some back in stock.

3. We’re adding reviews

Yep, that’s right – soon enough you’ll be able to tell us exactly what you think of each product you try. But why should you spend your time reviewing products? Well, we’ll analyse everything you’ve said to get more of what you like and less of what you don’t like. And besides helping other members choose the very best products each month, you’ll get advice on what to pick from fellow beauty lovers.

4. Website updates

Not only have we adopted a swanky new ‘look and feel’, but we’ve improved our navigation and made some essential changes to your account section. Our layout is simpler and should make your life a little bit easier.

We hope you enjoy the new and improved ‘us’. As always, we love hearing your thoughts, so be sure to tell us what you think.

Check out the products in our new shop…