Post by Hannah Tyrrell

When life takes over, the skin always shows the first signs of stress! Skin care can often fall by the wayside and increased hormones wreak havoc with acne and stress-related skin conditions. Whether dull or congested, for many, a facial is the go-to saviour needed to bring skin back to life! Forking out a few quid on a professional spa session isn’t always necessary though. What if we told you you could get a spa-level finish at home in just 5 simple steps? It’s super easy!


The first step of an at home facial is to rid your face of any makeup! Cleanse away surface makeup with your favourite cleanser, rinse with warm water, and repeat to leave skin feeling really clean. For all skin types, we love Merumaya’s hero Melting Cleansing Balm to really melt away makeup and impurities, while Nuxe’s Reve de Miel gel cleanser is perfect for tackling excess oil.

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Often overlooked, there’s a lot to be said for a good, regular exfoliation to get skin looking smooth and polished. Available in acidic or scrub formulas, they’re a twice-weekly treat, designed to slough away dead skin and brighten complexion. Congested? Dry? Exfoliation will definitely help! Massage a pea-sized amount of Nuxe’s Gentle Exfoliating Gel with rose petals into the skin, in circular motions to really refine and prep skin for the next steps!


When it comes to targeting specific skin concerns with your facial, the right mask can work wonders! A good mud face mask will draw out impurities and excess sebum from deep within the pores – perfect for congested, oily skin. Sound like you? After thorough removal, follow with stage four to rehydrate, and you’re on your way to gorgeous glowing, radiant skin! Normal/combination gals might want to combine this and step four by multi-masking to target specific areas with the appropriate mask.

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Rehydrating skin after using a mud mask is essential and will really help skin take on all the benefits of the products in the final facial step! Apply a generous amount of moisturising and hydrating face mask to deeply nourish the skin, before removing with a cool water. Not only will skin feel silky soft, but the cold water is delightfully refreshing. Lovely!


The final step of any facial is a good ol’ moisturise! Designed to seal in moisture, a good helping of your favourite cream will help lock in all the benefits of step four. Et voilà – 5-step DIY facial complete!

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