Post by Hannah Tyrrell

When it comes to getting knock-out glowing skin, makeup alone just isn’t quite enough. Sure, it can help a great deal, but lifestyle choices can seriously affect the look and condition of your skin. The pursuit of glowing skin should always begin from the inside out. Besides, who wants to fake glowing skin, when the real deal is so much better? So how do you achieve it? Follow these four simple steps and get radiant skin in an instant…


If you find yourself snacking on sugary treats, then look no further for why you’re plagued with breakouts. Don’t get us wrong, treat yourself to a Mint Aero now and again, but be sure to enjoy all food in moderation – you know the drill by now! When a sugar craving hits, try fixing it with a handful of dark berries or red grapes – they’re packed with skin-loving antioxidants and the natural sugars will sort out that sweet tooth!


Can’t get out of bed in the morning because you went to bed too late? Remember that feeling of wanting to stay in bed at around 10pm and get the hell in there! It ain’t called beauty sleep for nothing and the beauty benefits of an early night are immeasurable. That’s because while you sleep the body increases blood flow to the skin and rebalances hydration levels – that means you wake with gorgeously hydrated and glowing skin. More time in bed? Yes please!


Skincare, don’t care? Just because skincare can be complicated doesn’t mean you should run away and hide from it. As attractive as our makeup pieces are, why not make the effort to find the right skincare products for you by opting to try at least one skincare product from our Edit each month? We work with top brands such as Caudalie, Aromatherapy Associates and Nuxe, and have products including cleansers, toners, moisturisers, exfoliants and serums, all waiting for you to explore. We’re confident you’ll have a natural glow in no time…




Ok, so we understand that all of the above just might not be enough glow for one person. With all of the above in check (along with lots of water) makeup can now be used to enhance your natural glow. A squidge of radiance primer, a sweep of bronzer and a smidge of highlighter can be combined to do just that. Apply primer all over the face and spot-check with concealer, before adding subtle definition to the face with bronzer and dabbing highlighter on the cheekbones, brow bone, chin and the bridge of your nose. Et voila!