Post by Hannah Tyrrell

Last week we were fortunate enough to attend the super chic press launch of EcoTools’ 2017 collection. In a blank white space on Greek Street, their revolutionary EcoFoam beauty sponges and new-look brush collections were laid out for all to see and feel, on their 10th anniversary year. So, with these leading-edge products in our #InTheBloom Edit, we thought we’d give you a snapshot of what exactly you can expect from these innovative new products.

EcoFoam Technology Blenders

These brightly coloured sponges are the beauty tool of the moment, so naturally EcoTools have developed the first 100% Vegan beauty blender made with EcoFoam Technology. Available in various forms and sizes, their hero Perfecting Blender Duo is made from 71% sugarcane and all but guarantees flawless skin!

Perfecting Blender Duo

The large dark green sponge is flexible for buildable foundation application when damp, while the smaller, firmer lime green sponge allows for precise concealer application. With a rounded base for blending and a flat side to cover large areas, EcoTools’ nifty sponges also incorporate a unique wedge-like tip for precise application and definition.

Contour Perfecting Applicator

For all your contour needs, their Contour Perfecting Applicator is designed to sculpt and highlight with one sweep. Thanks to a firm tip and soft edge, it delivers natural looking definition which can be softly blended with the side. The handheld wand works it’s own magic for precise control too!


It’s not just their new EcoFoam blenders that have come into play for 2017, their knock-out makeup brushes have had a makeover of their own! Check out the new light coloured, lightweight renewable eco-friendly bamboo handles, contemporary gunmetal ferrules and ombre bristles. Not to mention their new additions that fix problems that you never knew you had!

Full Powder

Think your powder is flawless? Think again! This densely-packed brush boasts 70,000 bristles for superior coverage and matte application. The rounded head has a whopping 200 percent more hairs, making it the best powder brush yet! A brand new product for 2017, it boasts EcoTools’ new look and super soft bristles. Gorge!

Starter Kit

This number 1, best-selling brush set has had a makeover for 2017 too! It includes all the brushes you need for an everyday look and boasts their new-look lighter bamboo, ombre bristles and gun metal ferrules. Blush, concealer, shading, spoolie, angled liner and cosmetic bag all in one. It’s worth £15.99 – so snap it up, quick!

Eye Duo

The same double-ended dream eye makeup duo it’s always been, this sexy set fulfils all your eyeshadow needs! It boasts four brush heads to shade, define, blend and smudge, making it your eyeshadow BFF. Enjoy!