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Post by Hannah Tyrrell

Welcome to wedding season. We’re hazarding a guess that whether you’re a gorgeous guest or the blushing bride, you’re thinking a lot about how to look on that glamorous day with all those well-dressed people and photos! So, whether it’s yours or someone else’s special day coming up, we’ve pulled together all the best wedding makeup tips to get you looking perfect all-day long…

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Step one of fabulous wedding makeup starts well before the makeup comes out. Exfoliating the skin is essential! Take a scrub all over the body and an exfoliating facial gel across the face to reveal stunning, radiant skin. Never exfoliate before applying makeup though – instead, exfoliate a couple of times per week leading up to the big day. Exfoliate one last time the night before to really buff skin into a gorgeous glow!


Take that natural glow a step further with a slick of Nuxe’s Huile Prodigieuse Gold. Their standout hero product is the perfect go-to wedding skincare for all your glowy needs. Smooth into legs, the ends of your hair and wear under makeup for a stunning subtle shimmer. Not only does it dry really quickly, it leaves skin and hair soft, nourished and smelling gorgeous!


Our top tip for nailing wedding makeup is to avoid trying something new – you want to be you 2.0 (not who 2.0)! If you have a foundation you love, go with it. If you’re looking for something different though, look for ‘long-wear’ products with a low or no SPF, to avoid looking pale in photos.

When concealing under the eye, go against the grain and plump for a concealer that matches your skin tone, rather than a few shades lighter. Use powders minimally too – light coloured products can make you look ghostly white on-camera!

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Many of you won’t wear eyeshadow often, and what better time to wear it than at a wedding, right? Sure, but don’t to go overboard – you should avoid looking too different from your usual self. Natural girls should go for a soft eye with earthy tones and a hint of shimmer, while girls used to heavier makeup will know that shimmer and darker shades don’t mix well. And remember – prime those lids beforehand, for all-day wear!

With lashes, be sure to build layers of waterproof mascara over individual falsies (not strips), for a flirty, wear-free flutter. Go opposite with brows though – the less you define the better, for a natural finished look!


With summery wedding makeup, a soft glow on the cheeks is all that’s required. Ditch a heavy cream contour in favour of building subtle definition under the cheekbones with matte powder bronzer. Highlighting the high points of the face is essential to make bone structure pop, while adding a radiant glow. A dab of blush on the apples of the cheeks is the final step to add a healthy flush of colour.

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Whether it’s for your husband to be or you’re a bridesmaid with her eye on the best man, highlighting those lips all day long is a must! Ditch bold colours in favour of a soft pink or nude, with a slight gloss to catch the light. Don’t go overly glossy and compromise wear though – the key to great wedding makeup is superior staying-power. Kiss kiss!

Relax and enjoy!

For when you’ve danced the night away and celebrated the happy couple a little too much – a squidge of Aromatherapy Associates’ Muscle Gel rubbed into those calves should do the trick! Nothing for your hangover though – sorry ladies…