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Post by Hannah Tyrrell

Summertime heat makes smelling good the top of everyone’s agenda. Everyone starts carrying ‘emergency deodorant’ and making perfume last all day is a high priority. So with that in mind, here’s our top 5 ways to smell fabulous all summer long, with a little help from Sephora’s number 1 fragrance

Store properly

Adding a final flourish of fragrance after cleaning your teeth? We hope not! Storing your fragrance in a hot and humid bathroom is a sure-fire way to degrade the quality of that expensive EDP. Instead of next to the sink, store your bottle on your dressing table, out of direct sunlight. Simple!

Target pulse points

Spraying on your wrists and hoping for the best? No, no. For an all-over aura of fragrance, you need to be targeting pulse points that diffuse scent over the body. Try spraying around your waist, ankles, inside your elbows, neck, calves and behind the knees, as well as the wrists. Who knew?

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Moisturise skin

Whether you spritz after slathering on fragrance-free moisturizer or after a hot shower, be sure to do it when skin is (sorry) moist. Oily or moisturised skin will really help lock in that scent for longer. For results on the go, apply a dab of Vaseline on pulse points before spraying. At home, be sure to apply asap after showering and before you dress. Easy!

Don’t dab

No, we’re not talking about the infamous dance move, we’re talking about when you smush your wrists together after spraying. Just don’t do it. Instead, let your fragrance dry naturally to get the full development of the scent from top to base note.

Top up

Ok, so even if you follow these steps, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll smell great 24/7. In summer months, a nifty handbag-sized version of your favourite fragrance is ideal for a quick spray before date night or post-work drinks.

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