Post by Hannah Tyrrell

It’s common knowledge that women on the other side of the Channel are super stylish, chic and classy. That’s not to say that Londoners and British women don’t ever get it right, it’s just to say that French women are doing something we can all learn from. Here’s 5 key rules we think you could take on board to be You 2.0, 24/7…

Stay classy

When it comes to French fashion and beauty, we think the key to looking great all the time is to stick to the well-worn classic looks we all know and love. Red lipstick, a pop of blush and a simple fuss-free slick of black eyeliner are much more powerful than we give them credit. Trends don’t last and aren’t always that wearable – sticking to key colours and basic makeup combinations is the fabulously French way.


Don’t overcomplicate things

Much like sticking to classic makeup, overcomplicating your look is very un-French. Focussing on one key feature on your face and giving it impact is definitely a good rule of thumb. Paired back, natural-looking skin coupled with a gorgeous pout or fluttery lashes is super seductive and always a winner!

Spray perfume

This point doesn’t just start and end here, this one is about the type of perfume, how much you use and where you spray it. Choose a feminine fragrance with hints of floral jasmine and rose (a la Chanel No5), but ensure a second fruity or woody element is there to avoid smelling like Grandma. Apply a liberal amount to the elbows (yep!), behind the knees, in your hair and behind your ears for real staying power. Oh, and don’t dab!


Embrace drugstore beauty

French drugstore beauty is some of the best in the world, so it’s no wonder we’ve had an influx of attention surrounding brands such as Bioderma and La Roche-Posay. While these brands might not have the elegant branding that we’re used to, that makes them a fraction of the price and their dermatological heritage means they really do work.

Find your signature – and stick to it

Whether it be your fashion style or beauty go-to, this is essential for creating a polished look that commands attention like a Frenchwoman. Having a look that you revisit time and time again allows you to really cement your style and persona. Make this a truly versatile look that can be tweaked when you want to up the ante, but stay true to it on a daily basis for a look that’s nothing less than ‘you’. C’est super!