by Ruth Strachan

It’s easy to get bored of your hair — especially when you’re trying to let it grow and stay healthy! Here at LMB, we think hair should always be fun. So we’ve come up with a few ways to change things up without doing anything too drastic!

Slick It Back

Using an oil and hairspray, you can create an uber-glam slicked back look in seconds. Just blow dry your hair as you brush it away from your face, fix with a good hairspray, then add oil for extra shine and a high-fashion twist!

Add A Wash-Out Colour

 L’Oréal Paris Colorista Spray Pink, £6.99

Adding playful colour splashes to your hair doesn’t always have to mean grabbing the bleach! With so many products on the market now —  sprays, chalks, wash-in dyes etc. There are so many great options for changing up your look!

Change Your Parting

You’d be surprised how much of a difference brushing your hair to the other side of your face can make. Go for a deep side-part or try out a middle parting for an instant change that will have people asking which salon you went to!

Fake A Fringe

When Kendall Jenner debuted her fake-fringe look, a lot of people thought she had actually gotten the chop! By wrapping your hair into a high-bun and leaving out the end of your ponytail to be fanned across your forehead, you can simulate a fringe without the commitment!

Clip-in Extensions

Playing with your length is such a great way to change up your hairstyle and with clip-ins, fake ponytails and hair pieces — it’s never been easier to live out your Rapunzel hair fantasies!

Change Up Your Texture!

Whatever your natural hair texture — straight, curly, wavy etc. There’s a product on the market designed to give you the opposite hair texture! So if you usually rock poker-straight hair, why not add in a wave and some texture spray for a new beautiful, beachy look!

Which hair style can you not wait to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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