Post by Hannah Tyrrell

We have a hunch that one or two of you might make like the Love Me Beauty team and get healthy in 2017! You’ll be eating better and smashing the gym, no doubt, but you won’t get results if you don’t really break a sweat. The major downside? Looking a sweaty, hot, red-faced mess in seconds – not great for the beauty-conscious. That’s why we’ve created a list of our major do’s and don’ts for your gym makeup. Easy!

DON’T: Wear makeup

This is an easy one if you’ve got (a) flawless skin, or (b) the confidence to workout and not give a damn what people think – good for you! But if you’ve got neither the skin nor the confidence, not wearing makeup isn’t so simple. If you can brave it, make sure you thoroughly cleanse skin before and after your workout to prevent clogging your pores with makeup and/or sweat.

Pro tip? Work hard to achieve results in the gym and you’ll feel so much more confident, you won’t give a damn if you haven’t got perfect skin, which in turn will get you one step closer to achieving it. Clever!

DO: Scale it back

If you can’t go completely makeup-free, we think scaling back your makeup to a more natural finish is the way to go. You don’t need a full face of Kylie Jenner makeup in the gym (hate to break it to you, but everyone is minding their own business – no matter how hot you are) and you’ll do your skin absolutely no favours if you do anyway.

Why not ditch the foundation and try a squidge of primer instead? Make Up For Ever’s STEP1 Skin Equalizer is ideal for balancing the skin’s texture and tone, while Laura Mercier’s Foundation Primer will give you a healthy bronzed glow. Perfect!

DO: Wear mascara

When it comes to wearing makeup in the gym, it’s all about protecting the skin by avoiding products that could clog pores and cause outbreaks. So, that’s good news for ladies who love to lash, because you can stick as much mascara on your eyes as you damn well like!


DO: Add a pop of colour

On the same note, a slick of lipgloss or a sweep of tinted lip balm won’t hurt either. In fact, it will add moisture and a pop of colour so you don’t look washed out. Try to avoid dark colours that may smudge and instead plump for a casual ‘your natural lip, just better’ finish. Mwah!

How do you stay blemish free when working out? Let us know by tagging us @lovemebeautyuk or #lovemebeauty