Post by Hannah Tyrrell

God knows skin can be oilier and dryer in different areas (though it’d be nice if it made its mind up), so it’s highly unlikely you’ll find one perfect product that does everything you need. Welcome, multi-masking! If you haven’t tried it yet – where have you been?! It’s dead simple – just apply multiple masks on different areas of the face to target your various skin concerns. And how do you know which mask to apply and where? With this nifty guide, of course…

Exfoliating mask

Perfect for dry and dull skin, an exfoliating mask is designed to brighten complexion by removing dead skin cells – leaving you with really radiant skin! Improving the signs of aging, acne, scarring and uneven skin tone, it’s a great all-rounder for a variety of skin concerns.

Caudalie’s Glycolic Peel is a light cream mask, packed full of skin-loving and exfoliating ingredients, that provide an instant boost to tired skin. Apply to dry areas – such as the forehead and cheeks – and finish up with silky, smooth skin that glows!

Clay mask

Designed to purge pores of dirt and impurities, deep cleansing masks are a great option for acne-prone and oily skin. Aimed at drawing out oil and refining pores, it’s the perfect topical treatment for an oily forehead, T-zone and chin.

Enjoying an evening of pampering? Omorovicza’s Deep Cleansing Mask utilises white ‘moor mud’ clay to detoxify and purify skin without tightening. Bliss!

Moisturising mask

Nourish dry skin and target patchiness with a deeply hydrating moisturising mask. Perfect to lift dull and dehydrated skin, it provides an intense hit of moisture that’s a multi-masking must-have for combination skin.

Vitamin C mask

Perfect for application on the cheeks and lateral planes, vitamin C masks are super effective at boosting collagen production – that means firmer, more youthful skin! Vitamin C masks are a dab-hand at eradicating free radicals (that’s pollution, to you and I), making it a great option for city gals, plus, it’s a great at improving uneven skin tone and the appearance of scarring. 

Prep and finish

Before daubing your skin with your perfect combination of masks, it’s important to first cleanse your skin of surface dirt and makeup. Once you’ve finished, remove masks with a warm damp flannel, and follow with toner (to remove excess oil and residual mask) and a squidge of your favourite moisturiser or serum.

Try Aromatherapy Associates’ rose cleanser and toner for skin that’s clean, fresh and hydrated. The soothing properties of rose cool and calm skin, without drying or tightening. Lovely!