How to stop impulse buying

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We like to consider ourselves beauty experts here at LMB. When new products hit the market or a key trend emerges, we’re the first to know. You would assume that being this informed about the beauty landscape would make us immune to impulse buying, but sadly not. We’re all human after all and having at our fingertips is a constant temptation! It seems we are not alone.

With online shopping more popular than ever, it’s worryingly easy to click a button and have your ordered delivered the next day, or in some cases, the same day. Bank balance not favouring a beauty splurge? Here are a few of our tried and tested tips to prevent that beauty binge.


DO make a list and stick to it

Shops and websites are designed to make you want to buy things, whether through suggested items or a pretty shop design. Going armed with a list of exactly what you need to get and not letting yourself deviate from it is one way to prevent impulse purchases.

DON’T online shop late at night

Shopping online is one of the most popular ways to shop because you don’t even have to change out of your comfiest pair of sweatpants! Who can really stand Oxford Street Selfridges on a Saturday, anyway? Websites on the other hand enable you to leisurely add more and more to your basket, with late nights and weekends as the time when people are most susceptible to impulse buying. Limit your amount of time online and always ‘sleep on your basket’. Want to discover products, risk free? With Love Me Beauty, we deliver the best in beauty straight to your door each month and you are in complete control of what you receive. All for just £10!


DO ignore discount codes in emails

Discount codes are great when they apply to products you’ve been meaning to buy for a while. However, more and more brands send out regular 10% or 25% off everything emails to make you visit their website and find reasons to buy products you probably don’t need. Also watch out for free delivery codes when you spend a certain threshold amount because you’ll often end up spending a lot more just to get free delivery.

DO learn the difference between wanting and needing something

If you are an experienced impulse buyer, it’s pretty easy to justify your purchases, claiming that you really did ‘need’ that particular item. However, nine times out of ten, you already had a similar product already in a slightly different shade or texture. We definitely enable ‘treat’ purchases (sorry!) but just be sure to spend within your beauty means!


We’ve been practicing these principles for a while now and every time we delete an item from our basket or put a product back on the shelf, we realise how much we don’t actually miss that ‘must have’ item. Plus, it means all the more money to spend on those summer cocktails and last minute getaways…