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As a brand that speaks to and represents women, it’s our job to comment on and raise awareness of women’s issues – whether that be Wear Red Day or the place of makeup in 2017. And while many feminist ideas, such as the HeForShe campaign, more recently shifted towards bringing men into the warm embrace of feminism, it’d be quite pointless for us to address our International Women’s Day post to them.

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So, while we can all agree that more men need to champion the cause, recent criticism surrounding Emma Watson’s breasts has made us realise that yet more work needs to be done to improve the sisterhood too. We know all too well that our gender is all too often judged on how we look. ‘Curvy Kim Kardashian’, ‘racy Kendall Jenner’ and ‘Kylie Jenner flaunts her ample assets’ are phrases too often bandied around, as though women have little to offer than their looks.

But how do we respond to this? Cover our breasts for fear of criticism? Burn your bras? Stop wearing makeup? If you wish… But that’s just it – it’s your choice and no one else’s. Feminism is not about tearing down other women for doing something you might not choose to do, but empowering women to do whatever the hell they please!

Skincare brand Caudalie understand this. This month they officially launched their Vine[activ] skincare range, designed specifically for busy women. Empowering women to lead fast-paced lives as mums, professionals and whatever else, they created a skincare range tailored to meet the demands of a hectic lifestyle. All of a sudden being a woman doesn’t have to be a choice between success at work, being a parent, working out or having great skin – you can have it all! Thanks, Cauds.

How to celebrate International Women’s Day…

This International Women’s Day is asking you to #BeBoldForChange, but that doesn’t mean doing something you’re not comfortable with. No need to strip off for a Slut Walk or #FreeTheNipple if you don’t want to, because supporting women who do want to is absolutely what it’s all about.

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Feminism is not about being anti-feminine, but embracing your femininity and reclaiming it as yours. No one gets to tell you how to do it – so we won’t! All we ask is you find some way to #BeBoldForChange and show your support for the IWD message. Whether you fearlessly rock your favourite floaty floral dress, tear it up in a fierce bold lip or simply tell an inspiring woman why you think she’s awesome, just make sure you do something!