Love Me Beauty are excited to announce their collaboration with a new beauty brand, Phase Zero. Together we’ll be bringing you the latest in colour cosmetics, with formulas that match your favourite beauty brands, PLUS, we’ll be selling these beauties at factory Prices. Say what?!


By using customer feedback, snap surveys, polls and social media, Phase Zero will bring out collections (exclusively for Love Me Beauty) featuring the most on-trend shades in formulas that rival the biggest players in make-up!

If that’s not good enough, we’ll be selling them at factory price, meaning that you could save up to 85% when kitting out your make-up collection!

Sorry, What Are Factory prices?!

Factory prices mean that we’ve decided to kiss the middleman goodbye and sell to you directly! So, instead of dealing with distributors and retailer mark-ups, we’re just passing the beauty baton on to you without any extra costs!

£15 RRP

BUT YOU PAY £3.50!


When Is This Happening?!

Phase Zero’s first collection will be launching on Love Me Beauty on the 2nd February. After that there will be continual seasonal collections added, that will include new shades, new formulas and brand new products!

So keep your eyes peeled and as always let us know what you think, because at Phase Zero, we’re all about you, baby!