Introducing Popband

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We’ve all been there. Start the day with our hair up in a ponytail only to change our minds an hour later, but the most unsightly kink dictates that we’re destined to keep our hair up all day. This was probably a weekly occurrence until now -we’ve found a game changer! Introducing, Popband London.

In the gym, at the beach, lazy Sundays, at your desk… there’s a Popband for every occasion. Wear them in your hair, stacked on wrists or sitting pretty on your vanity table, these bands leave hair kink free and fresh.

These hair accessories haven’t left our heads since their arrival at LMB HQ last week. Our hair looks as good at 5:30pm as it did at 8am and the desk to disco transition of hair up to hair-down has never been smoother. We love the pink band to add a pop of colour to our gym kit, and the black for everyday wear.

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