Post by Hannah Tyrrell

When you fancy a change to your everyday makeup, a sweep of lipstick usually does the trick. Instantly switching you from day to night, a bold pop of colour is the easiest way give your look instant impact.

That being said, if all you do is take the stick to your lips and smoosh it around, then you’re most definitely doing it completely wrong. So, to help you get it right, we’ve put together seven top tips to make sure your lip sticks the way it was intended.

Cracked lips

The easiest way to ensure your lipstick finish is super luxurious is to get lips properly primed and ready to go. Make sure you use a moisturising lip balm and allow it to really sink in, before even considering your choice of colour. If your lips are particularly dry, use a sugar-based edible exfoliator to scrub them up to perfection. Lush!


Over applying

We’ve all been there, a smudge on your teeth or a blob on your chin after eating – lipstick can quite simply get everywhere! If you find your lipstick often strays, you might be applying a little too much. Pro tip? Put your finger in your mouth, close your mouth around it and pull – any residual lipstick should come off on your finger and not on your teeth. Nifty!

Product formula

If your lipstick easily bleeds, smudges or comes off too quickly, consider trying a different brand or formula. Beginners should try a liquid lipstick for greater precision and a drying finish – it may well be that you’ve been using sheer or a highly moisturising product, which will need more skill and regular reapplication.

Check out our guide to getting more from your lipstick here.


Product quality

New lipstick users may be tempted to plump for a cheaper alternative to size up the look. This is a no-no if you want a true reflection of the wonders of lipstick. Go to a makeup counter and ask a professional for help, or signup to our subscription service and try top brands without the pricetag!

Not using liner

If you are going straight in with your lipstick, then you’re definitely not paying any attention to lipstick’s BFF – lip liner! You may think you’re applying your lipstick perfectly well, but without a lip liner you’ll never get a professional finish. Carefully line lips before applying lipstick and keep between the lines – easy!


Using the wrong liner

You may well be using liner, but the colour match with your lipstick is very important. To avoid a throwback to the 90’s, make sure your lipstick and lip colour are compatible shades. A shade that is slightly darker may help you to contour a fuller lip, but is generally a no-go if you want to avoid a major lipstick fail!

Blurred edges

Avoid a feathery finish by not only using liner to begin, but also at the end. Achieve a super sharp edge by touching up after lipstick application, and enjoy a stunning #MUA standard you’ll love!

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