Post by Hannah Tyrrell

Looking good all the time isn’t that easy. It’s a concept we associate with the rich and famous who can afford to get their hair done every month, a manicure every week and regular waxes. So what does that mean for the rest of us? Well, we’ve found the solution – follow these 5 easy steps to look more polished and you’ll look fab 24/7, even on a PJ day!


Nail this!

A spotless mani is the easiest way to show you take pride in your appearance, while chipped nails are a dead giveaway that you’re short of some TLC. Be sure to find time to apply a fresh slick of polish each week, or at least remove the scruffy stuff if you haven’t the time to reapply.


Alternatively, why not invest in a Gel Manicure Kit and rock a long-lasting, chip-resistant mani for up to two weeks. Why not chip in with friends and treat each other to a manicure every fortnight? Slap on a face mask, pop a bottle of Prosecco and binge watch Sex and the City… Much cheaper than a day at the spa!

You know it makes scents.

Smelling good is a really easy way to show people you care about the impression you give. An It Girl is rarely seen looking glam without someone smelling her fragrance first. Spray liberally and in the right places, including the wrists, elbows, neck, ankles and behind the knees. Be sure let it dry naturally for a long-lasting wear – that means no dabbing!

Stay classy!

For your beauty regime, make sure your go-to colour combinations are classic! Having a daily lipstick and eyeshadow combination can really help to create a signature look, while the classic pairings mean you can rock it for years to come. Sure, experiment on special occasions, but a classic rose lip and brown smokey eye is a real winner for a timeless finish every day. Taylor Swift’s trademark red lip and feline flick is another classic combo that’ll never go out of style (no pun intended).


Hair today, gone tomorrow…

Looking polished in the hair department can be expensive! Our tip? Stick with your natural colour or plump for a low-maintenance colour trend like a beautiful balayage or edgy dip-dye. Leave your roots your natural colour and lift the ends with blonde accents. You’ll only need to get it coloured once a flood – meaning you can splurge on a high-end job, if you like – and the occasional trim is much cheaper than a full head of colour every six weeks. Easy!


Love the skin you’re in!

Want to look gorgeously glam at all times? Well, then a daily skincare routine is an absolute must! Cleanse and tone every day, exfoliate twice a week and apply your favourite mask once a week to intensely target your skincare concerns – et voila!