Post by Hannah Tyrrell

It’s National Fragrance Day and a good spritz of perfume is a super easy way to appear instantly more polished. But how can you ensure you come up smelling of roses? Well, getting the right fragrance for you is a struggle in itself – there are so many different brands and combinations of base, middle and top notes – but, more importantly, how do you make your holy grail scent stick around? Here are our 8 top tips to help you get the most from your pricey perfume…

Store them properly

Adding the finishing touch of fragrance after cleaning your teeth? We hope not in the bathroom! Storing your fragrance in a hot and humid bathroom is a sure-fire way to degrade the quality of that expensive eau de parfum. So, instead of the bathroom cabinet, store your bottle on your dressing table, out of direct light. Easy!


Target pulse points

Spraying on your wrists and hoping for the best? No, no. For an all-over aura of fragrance, you need to be targeting more than just one spot. Pulse points will help diffuse the scent over the body, so target a couple of different places for an all day spray. Besides the wrists, try spraying on your midriff, ankles, inside the elbows, neck, calves and behind the knees. Who knew?!


Don’t dab!

No, we’re not talking about the infamous dance move of the last year or so, we’re talking about when you smush your wrists together after spraying. Just don’t do it! Instead, let your fragrance dry naturally so as to get the full development of the scent from top to base note. Gorge!


Applying a fragrance-free moisturiser or a dab of Vaseline to key pulse points before spraying is a super easy way to get your perfume to stick around. An oily surface helps retain scent for longer than dry skin. If you have oily skin, then you already have the advantage, but a spot of Vas’ here and there will ensure a lovely lingering fragrance.


Spray after showering

Working on the same principle as applying moisturiser or Vaseline, spraying after showering and before dressing will help fragrance stick around for longer. Due to moisture in the skin, perfume will be locked in for a long-lasting effect. Not only that, but it’ll prevent you from ruining your jewellery and clothes. Winner!


Brush into hair

You might be tempted to go for a wee spritz in the hair to make perfume waft around every time your head moves. Not a bad idea, but spraying directly onto the hair will dry it out and damage the scent. Instead, simply spray onto your brush and brush through for a delicate release of scent as you move.


Top tips to picking the right fragrance:

  • There’s no use spraying perfume onto those bits of card and wafting under your nose. You need to know what a perfume smells like on you. Be sure to apply to your wrists and follow the next few steps before settling on your favourite.

  • Like we’ve already mentioned – don’t dab! This is never more important than when choosing a new fragrance, because you need to avoid judging on the initial top note alone. Always always allow the fragrance to dry and develop properly before making a decision.

  • Don’t like a fragrance you’ve now got embedded into your wrists? Use a makeup wipe to remove the fragrance and spray again!


Top up

Ok, so even if you follow all of these steps, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be smelling perfect 24/7. We advise investing in an atomizer you can keep in your handbag at all times. Apply a quick spray before heading out for date night or post-work drinks and feel fresh and ready to tackle the world. Enjoy!

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