Post by Hannah Tyrrell

When it comes to beauty, we understand that makeup is way more attractive than skincare. The colours, pretty packaging and super-cute brands are instantly eye-catching, not to mention that they instantly perk up your look and enhance your natural beauty. That being said, skincare is essential for keeping your skin in great condition, so focussing too much attention on makeup isn’t always the way to go. Here are our top tips for finding a balance between makeup and skincare in your beauty routine this year…

Do you need it?

Jamming around the house on a lazy Sunday? Ditch the makeup, ladies! We know you love it and it’s the perfect opportunity to play around with your latest haul, but if you can make sure you’re makeup-free as much as possible in 2017. Instead of attempting a burgundy eye, whack on a face mask, enjoy a hot bath and really love your natural beauty a little.

Have different levels

As tempting as it is to go for a full Kylie Jenner face every day, we think it’s important to have different levels to your look. Make sure you’re utilising all of the different stages of makeup application, so you can step it up for different events. Nail ‘off-duty model’ for an everyday basic, add a smidge of eyeliner and lippy for a professional edge, and go mad with the lashes and eyeshadow for showstopper evening glam!

Remove makeup properly

If you’re having a makeup day, that’s fine, just be mindful that makeup can clog the pores and make sure you really get rid of all traces of makeup. Easier said than done? Well a combination of initial cleanse to remove the surface makeup and a deeper cleanse to reach deep into the pores should be enough to leave your skin squeaky clean!


Ok, so cleansing is essential, but it doesn’t always completely clear your skin or dirt and residual makeup. Make sure you’re finding time to exfoliate once or twice a week to really purge those pores. Whether it’s a scrub or a peel, exfoliating is essential for  a polished and smooth complexion! Why not try Omorovicza’s Copper Peel? It was voted ‘Best Exfoliating Product’ by Vogue Beauty!

Brush up

Is there anything more delicious than a fresh makeup brush? We think not! But unfortunately, a fresh brush every day isn’t possible. That doesn’t mean you can neglect them though. Make sure you’re cleansing your brushes regularly to prevent breakouts. EcoTools brushes are made with cruelty-free synthetic bristles, sustainable bamboo handles and recycled aluminum ferrules, plus they produce Makeup Brush Cleansing Cloths so you can wipe away makeup, oil and impurities from your brushes in an instant. Nifty!

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