by Ruth Strachan

It’s no secret — we all want big, beautiful eyes with lashes that go on for days and a perfectly blended cut-crease. Well, wish no more! Here at LMB, we’re really into sharing beauty industry secrets — so we spoke to some MUA’s to get their top tips to creating a big eye look that even Bambi would be jealous of!

Prime Your Eye Area

Benefit It’s Potent! Eye Cream, £28

Preparation is key when it comes to applying make-up but this is especially true when it comes to your eyes! Moisturising is important to reduce puffiness, dark circles and dry patches, and to ensure that your eyes look healthy and awake. Plus, your make-up will go on SO much smoother!

Define Your Brows

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably got the memo that eyebrows are pretty important now… They actually frame your entire face and can enhance your eye shape— making them look bigger and more open! So don’t forget about your brows when going for a big-eye look!

Contour With Shadow

Being smart with your shadow placement can make all the difference. Always aim to have a lighter shade in the corner of your eye and at the top of your brow bone. When blending out with a darker shade, keep your eye open so that you follow your natural eye-crease.

Waterline Magic

NYX Professional Makeup Wonder Pencil, £4.50

Adding a white or nude eyeliner to your inner waterline can really open up your eye. Just make sure that your bottom lashes are still defined, so that you don’t get a chalky effect.

Blend Under Your Lashes

Don’t be afraid to pull your eyeshadow to under your lashes. It makes your eyes look much bigger! Just be careful to blend properly, so it’s not too harsh and beware of falling powder, otherwise you could be sporting a panda-look.

Curl Your Lashes

NARS Eyelash Curler, £15.00

A lot of people miss out the eyelash curling step and you really shouldn’t! It helps open up your eye and keeps lashes in place. It also makes for smoother mascara application!

3-Point Highlight

There are three main points to highlight when going for a bigger eye look. Using a highlighter pencil is great for the inner eye and brow bone and then blending a lighter or sparkly eyeshadow to the centre of your eyelid will really make your eyes pop!

Have you tried any of these big eye hacks? Let us know in the comments below!

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