Post by Hannah Tyrrell

They get papped in the streets looking stunning at all times, but I’m sure Bella Hadid has bad breath in the morning too (nothing a little Listerine can’t solve, eh?). Yep, our favourite supermodels of the moment somehow never get caught wearing a jammie top in the outside world, with toothpaste round their mouths – but just how to they do it?

If you’ve ever tried to go au naturale like Kendall or Gigi and expected to look glowy and gorgeous, you might have realised that off-duty model isn’t a case of simply not wearing makeup – oh no – it’s just shy of an artform! That doesn’t make it impossible though, the carved-out-of-marble grecian Goddess faces of our beauty idols have proven that. Thankfully, it’s just about paying attention to five key areas of the face. Check this out…


Ahh, yes, the main reason (obviously excluding brows) no makeup can be a very daunting prospect. Glowing skin isn’t just something you’re blessed with – although some people are slightly more blessed than others – it takes just a little bit of commitment and discipline to treating it right. Be sure to cleanse thoroughly and moisturise morning and night,  plus exfoliate and mask once or twice a week. It’s that easy…


To match your glowing skin, your lips should be silky smooth with just a hint of natural rose colour and shine. Exfoliate your lips with a tasty sugar scrub and follow with a natural pink pop tinted lip balm – mwah!


When nailing off-duty model chic, it’s important to get those brows looking tip top, but not over the top. Groom your natural brows, before paring back your usual bold brow for a more subtle pencil, wax or gel. Add extra ‘bush’ with a little brow mascara and you’ll be Delevin-ing in no time!


Lashings of mascara? No way! ‘Off-duty model’ requires only a flirtation with a mascara wand. Volumize and lengthen for added drama, and create a look that’s just enough to accentuate the eye, while remaining natural. Absolutely no clumps allowed! Alternatively, rock a pair of sunglasses 24/7… Should do the trick!


Bouncy blow dries, perfect curls and poker straight hair are a no-no if you want to nail this comfortable, casual look. ‘I woke up like this’ hair, messy buns, simple pony tails and loose (very loose) waves? Done.