by Ruth Strachan

We’ve all been there, you’re scrolling through instagram and you’re inundated with gorgeous eye make-up looks that seem almost inhumanely in their perfection. Well we’re here to say that you can rock a cut-crease with the best of them, babe. Just follow our simple tips and tricks to get yourself one step closer to the #PerfectCutCrease.


  • Use an eyeshadow primer to make your eyeshadow last longer and stop creasing.

  • Place half of a circular cotton pad underneath your eye if you have already applied your foundation to avoid build up.

  • Use scotch tape at the corner of your eye to create a clean liquid liner flick.
  • Use great blending brushes like these…

  • Put a lighter shade right underneath your brow, before any other shade to make blending out easier.

  • Add highlight to the inner corner of your eyes to make them pop.

  • Experiment with different brow products to get your desired look.

  • Wiggle your mascara back and forth in an upward direction to coat all of your lashes without clumping.

  • Wet your eyeshadow brush to get a stronger pigment from your shadows.

  • Follow tutorials on YouTube if you want to practise your looks!



  • Be afraid to experiment with wacky colours.

  • Forget to use a good eye cream, otherwise shadow can cling to dry patches.

  • Go straight on with a dark black and expect to get a multi-tonal smokey eye.

  • Try to fix a liquid liner mishap by blackening out your whole eye.

  • Forget to set your eyeshadow with a good setting spray!

  • Give up after your first try, make-up takes patience and practice.

  • Worry about what others think, wearing make-up is for you and you alone!

  • Forget to create a wide awake look with a good highlighting pencil like these…


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