Skin care portion


Post by Hannah Tyrrell

It’s no secret that beauty isn’t the cheapest hobby of all time (but it’s a legit hobby, ok!?). That means getting the most from each and every beauty splurge is essential. Like much of life’s good stuff, we tend to overindulge – so the good news is that we can simply cut back in portion size to save money, not in number. So, buy as much beauty goodies as you like… just use them wisely. Here’s how:

Skin care portion


‘A squidge’, ‘a portion’, ‘a blob’ – it isn’t very specific, is it? No wonder we’re running through a bottle of cleanser like non-Fairy Liquid! Our tip? Use around a hazelnut portion size twice a day an optimum morning and evening cleanse.


Scooping out of the tub while doing your best shovel impersonation? Nope! Opt for a grape sized portion of exfoliator to gently buff away dead skin cells. This isn’t the same as rough body exfoliating – go easy on your face, people.

Skin care portion

Serum & Oils

You use how much serum!? You’re nuts! Well, the portion size of serum and oil should be nuts, actually… No more than two macadamia nuts, to be precise!

Eye Cream

Eye creams can be eye wateringly expensive, but are super important and often very effective. When it comes to using your top formula, you don’t need to go overboard. A grain of rice per eye should do it.


Key to keeping that visage radiant and supple, it’s quite easy to know when you’ve overdone it on the moisturiser. How? Well, the nearest person gets presented with a palm full of cream, of course – with little option to refuse any (it’s more of an “are you applying it, or am I?” kinda thing).

To get it right every time, squidge out a cherry tomato sized blob and don’t rub or drag – we don’t want jowls and turkey necks!

Shampoo & Conditioner

To get the right amount of shampoo and conditioner is berry easy (sorry!). For short hair it’s a blackberry of shampoo, followed by a cherry of conditioner. For longer hair, it’s more like a strawberry and two raspberries. Easy!

Skin care portion