Should you be using silver skincare?


When it comes to jewellery, eyeshadows and currency, we’re fans of silver. But using silver in skincare? Thanks to Argentum Apothecary’s La Potion Infinie, our evening skincare routine has become a little more luxurious, and a lot more science-based, with the added ingredient of Silver Hydrosol.


If you read our post on the prime age for anti-ageing here, you’ll know that we believe in prevention over cure. With this in mind, we think we may have found the answer in silver. Silver Hydrosol has powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, regulates skin flora, increases the process of tissue regeneration, decreases irritant effects caused by oxidative stress and stimulates skin elasticity. In layman’s terms, it is an anti-ageing, anti-bacterial powerhouse.


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What to expect?

As soon as you apply La Potion Infinie, you’ll feel a pleasant tightening effect on your skin. La Potion Infinie’s unique synthesis of powerful active ingredients will have a profound effect, resulting in an all-encompassing treatment of wrinkles, facial blemishes and oxidative stress. We love to incorporate La Potion Infinie into our pre and post holiday skincare, as it’s addition of natural marine sourced ingredient DNA HP carries up to 10,000 times its weight in water. Simply apply on its own, or under your favourite moisturiser for the perfect hydration boost for sun-drenched skin. Apply once or twice a day to face, eyes and neck.


Intrigued, but wary of taking the leap into silver? The full size jar of La Potion Infinie retails at £147, but we’ve got our hands on a luxury 5ml version, exclusively for our members to discover. You’ll notice the difference after just one use and this 5ml version is the perfect size to stash in your hand luggage to keep your skin in ship-shape when travelling the world.