Six conversation-starting nail colours

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Did you know that your hands are one of the first things other people notice about you, after your eyes? As much as we love a classic nude polish, if you venture out of your mani-comfort zone it is likely that someone will comment on it. We know that during summer it can be difficult to find the time to keep your nailsbeds in check, but as long as you keep your hands and cuticles well moisturised, all that’s left to do is the fun part – the colour. We’ve built up quite the collection of nail polish colours, and here are our top six colours guaranteed to let your hands do the talking.

  1. OPI in Lucky Lucky Lavender

Destination: London. Long gone are the days of summer nail polish being limited to corals and nudes. We couldn’t be happier about the pastel-revival of the past few summers, and this lilac OPI polish is no exception. Cooler than a pink but still super wearable, Lucky Lucky Lavender is currently gracing our nails as we type.



2. Nails Inc in ‘Swan Street’

Destination: Greece. A pale green shade, so pale in fact, it’s almost white. Known for its blue and white backdrops, why not match your nails to the scenery with a palette cleansing white?


  1. Essie in ‘Cocktail Bling’.

    Destination: Amsterdam or Prague. A blue-grey shade which will look chic and sophisticated on a city break. It’s not a boring grey at all, with hints of blue and lilac that will compliment denim and summer dresses alike.


  1. Barry M Quick Dry in ‘In a heartbeat’

    Destination: Spain. A gorgeous coral shade with a special formula that dries in record time. It compliments a tan perfectly and will look amazing on the beach. Even those who don’t like pink won’t be able to resist this shade or the price tag.


  1. Essie in ‘Liquorice’

Destination: Italy. Before you think we’re crazy for suggesting black nails in summer, hear us out. Black is chic all year round. You’re more likely to have a tan in summer, which means lends itself perfectly to deep polish such as black or navy. We recommend an opaque, high-gloss formula for best results and to avoid looking a little Halloween.


  1. H&M in ‘Sepia’

    Destination: Croatia. When you know you won’t be able to repaint your nails for a while, we’d choose a lighter shade that will look less noticeable when it chips. We were impressed by H&M’s beauty collection and this beige/mauve colour puts a grown up twist on the traditional nude nail. The formula glides on easily; two coats and you’re good to go.


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