Summer skin emergency? Call the Doctor



We’re not sure about you but we feel a lot more adventurous in the summer months. Whether it’s staying out later, getting involved in more outdoor activities or basking in the sun for longer than we should, nothing gets between the LMB team and summer fun. The impact on our skin? Not quite so much fun! No matter what we’re getting up to, we like to keep our beauty wits about us and Dr. Lipp is our weapon of choice to combat any of the following summer fun-induced symptoms…




Why does it make the perfect first aid kit product?

Dr. Lipp helps to accelerate the repair of the skin as a counter-irritant, boosting the skin’s protection from hazards in the environment, reducing skin roughness by 40% in one hour and 50% in two hours. The fact that it’s tasteless, fragrance free, additive free and contains no parabens makes it our ultimate summer travel essential. Discover this multi-tasking balm in The Boutique now.


  1. Chapped lips from too much sun and laughter
  2. Dry cuticles from beautiful shellac manicures
  3. Dry skin patches from wearing cute sandals and heels
  4. Fine lines under the eyes from smiling or lack of sleep
  5. Split ends from sunbathing
  6. Irritated or sore skin from sun exposure
  7. Small cuts or burns from weekend adventures
  8. Sore noses from summer colds or hayfever