The new bread on the block

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Image: Boston Magazine


So you’ve tried wholemeal bread, rye bread, sourdough bread and cloud bread, but have you heard that purple bread is the new superfood? Professor Zhou Weibiao, a food scientist at the National University of Singapore has come up with a new, even healthier alternative to the cupboard staple – purple bread. So what’s the big deal?

Post by Ella Ryder

With an unusually bright colour, we’re reserving final judgement until we taste it, but the nutritional benefits seem pretty impressive. The rich colour is the result of extracting natural antioxidant and pigment anthocyanin (also found in grapes, blueberries and sweet potatoes) from black rice.

The primary benefit of purple bread is that it is digested 20% slower than normal white bread (keeping you fuller for longer) and, when baked at 200 degrees Celsius, the majority of its antioxidant qualities are preserved. This ‘slow release’ recipe is great news for diabetes sufferers and those looking to increase their anti-oxidant intake. Zhou says “If you want to enjoy the texture of white bread and slow down digestion, this is probably the best formula.”

So is purple bread the answer to our foodie prayers? If you’re looking to stay fuller longer, enjoy the benefits of antioxidants and still enjoy bread in your diet, then yes! The catch? Unfortunately purple bread isn’t yet available to purchase in supermarkets, but we predict it will be filling Instagram feeds everywhere once released. We’ll keep you posted.


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