Post by Hannah Tyrrell

It happens to the best of us – skincare science and ingredients can make us flashback to school and instantly shut down. You read an article and think ‘Sorry, Miss, you lost me!’, right? So when it comes to cosmeceutical brand, Perricone MD, we’ll forgive you for thinking ‘eh?’. But it’s really not complicated. Well, it is, but skincare innovator and dermatological pioneer Dr Perricone MD takes care of that. When it comes to the brilliant results of their products, it’s actually very simple…

We were so blown away with our chat to Perricone MD’s Europe Education Manager, we needed to share exactly how their Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment really works. And, boy, does it work! Here’s what we learned:

Why is it blue?

No, it isn’t colouring, the blue colour of this products is actually due to copper. Great for remineralising skin, copper helps boost natural collagen and elastin levels. That means lifted, firmer, plumper skin! Not only that, it helps to hydrate, while simultaneously boosting anti-aging goodness. Not feeling so blue, now!

What makes it ‘3-in-1’?

This multi-tasking miracle product actually boasts cleansing, exfoliating and toning properties. It’s a great allrounder for clearing skin of dirt, makeup and impurities, gently removing dead skin cells and improving skin condition. With one sweep, you’ll see clear, revitalised, radiant and healthy skin…

Who is it for?

In short, everyone! So while this product boasts anti-aging properties, you’d be wrong to think it was for just older skin. When addressing skincare, it’s important to remember that what matters is the age of your skin – not your actual age. Lifestyle heavily impacts on how quickly skin ages, meaning anti-aging products could be needed from a younger age. The combination of anti-pollution and anti-aging properties are perfect for city-dwellers living in an environment jam packed with harmful, aging free radicals.

When, where and how?

We’ve been using this product for a few weeks and love it as the final step in our bedtime skincare routine. Perricone MD’s Europe Education Manager suggested also sweeping a drenched cotton pad of the non-rinse formula over the face pre and post workout. Clear pores means you’ll be able to sweat out more toxins, while using after the gym will prevent skin from clogging with sweat. Clever!