The trick to long-lasting makeup application


We’re the first to admit that we can be creatures of habit when it comes to the way we apply make up. Some of us use our fingers for speed; while others prefer to use all the tools we can get our hands on. However you apply your make up – we must admit we cross between the two camps – there’s no denying that applying your make up with good quality brushes is the route to take if you want your make up to last all day.


Our current favourites? EcoTools. Incredibly soft, 100% cruelty free, and designed to look great in your make up collection, what’s not to love? With four kits to choose from in The Boutique this month, there’s an option for everyone seeking professional looking results from their make up collection.





Our favourite beauty hacks to help make up stay put all day

  1. Apply lipstick with a concealer brush. Painting lipstick into the lips not only gives more precision, it will also ‘stain’, keeping the colour pigment more intense than if you applied straight from the bullet. To try this at home, get the Six Piece Starter Set.
  2. Even if you favour natural brows, a little grooming never hurt anybody! Spritz the eyebrow brush with hairspray and brush through your brows to lock them in place.
  3. To keep your complexion in place all day, powders are essential. We find that for the most flawless finish, swirling a powder brush in the powder and lightly pressing it across the t-zone distributes the product evenly and will make it easier to touch-up during the day.
  4. If powder alone isn’t quite hitting your coverage quota, concealer is a great way to cover imperfections during the summer months without having to wear a full face of foundation. Use the concealer brush from the Six Piece Starter Set to conceal specific areas and gently dab the product into the skin.
  5. For a long-wearing eyeliner, take the Ultra Fine Liner Brush, your favourite shadow and a drop of water to create a custom liquid liner for definition that will last all day. EcoTools are synthetic so can be used with dry, cream and liquid formulas, unlike animal-hair brushes.
  6. If you’ve never been able to get your eyeshadow to look professional, it could be the brushes you’re using. The EcoTools Six Piece Essential Eye Set contains expertly shaped brushes to blend eyeshadow seamlessly, with step-by-step instructions to guide you through the application process.


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Ultimately, when it comes to make up application, building up light layers gradually is what helps make up stay in place with a flawless finish. The best part about EcoTools? Each brush has a multitude of usages. Use an eyeshadow brush for flawless blend of concealer, an eyeliner brush for lip lining or even the brow brush for gel liner.




Are you onboard the beauty tool train?