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Last month we covered our Top 5 Beauty Products Under £5, and you guys LOVED it! And while we get a little giddy when cheap makeup is actually good, unfortunately not a lot of it is. Move up a price bracket though and there’s an abundance of beauty products priced at £10 or under that are nothing short of sensational. So, while you conjure up your top beauty buys under £10, we’ve pulled ours together in case these products have somehow dodged your radar…

Sleek Highlighting Kit

We’ve had a lot to say about Sleek Make-Up recently, and for good reason – their beauty products are kill-ing it in the industry! Their star product? Well, if you’ve been on Instagram at all this year you might have seen one or two things about their Solstice Highlighting Palette. Sound familiar? Yep – it’s everywhere!

Boasting one cream and three powders, the champagne, peach, pink and gold shades are stunning alone or layered for even more glow. The best bit? It’s priced at just £9.99 and can double up as sexy shimmery eyeshadows.

Peep that glow 👀✨ @mxirias uses our Solstice Highlighting Palette #SleekMakeUP #BBloggers

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L’Oreal Clay Mask

Oily skin? Thank God for clay masks! True – but that oil also turns hair into a greasy mess too, right? Well, you’re in luck! You might have noticed a little pot of mint green L’Oreal clay kicking around and wondered what the hell it was for. It just so happens that that minty little pot is a clay mask FOR YOUR SCALP! Get all the grease-fighting goodness of a clay mask on your roots for just £5.99. Slather on before a good shampoo and enjoy a new level of good hair day!

#Hairtips – Good Girl but Bad Hair ? Get an instant #hairdetox with our new #extraordinaryclay treasures 💚 like @linselfportrait

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EcoTools Brushes

One of our star brands of the last few months, EcoTools offer exceptional quality brushes for super low prices. Don’t believe us? In a recent survey about the quality of the EcoTools brushes you received in our Edit, 99% of you agreed that their beauty products were of a high standard! If you were to purchase one of the two EcoTools items in our Edit right now, they’d set you back around £5-£7. Bargain! Of course, you can still pick them up in our Edit for a few more weeks…

L’Oreal Mascara

We can’t deny it – L’Oreal’s mascara game is incredible! So, when we heard of the release of their Miss Baby Roll mascara, we were super excited to try it. Suggestively similar to another brand’s vintage roller-style mascara, we were hoping this beauty product dupe would deliver the same benefits as the original. The truth? It’s AMAZING! Volume, length and curl, all for just £7.99. Check out Sophdoesnails rocking it, with Sleek’s Solstice Highlighting Palette, and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

Maybelline Concealer

Widely regarded in the beauty industry as a top concealer, Maybelline New York’s Eraser Eye Concealer is an absolute steal at just £7.99! Designed for under the eye, it boasts a dark circle busting, de-puffing and wrinkle-fixing formula to get your under-eye smooth, gorgeous and perfectly bright. The best bit? This nifty beauty product can be applied straight from the tube and it’s a dab-hand at tackling those blemishes too. Sayonara, acne!