Post by Hannah Tyrrell

From your lipstick colour to your bronzing powder, there are loads of things you could be doing wrong with your makeup to make your teeth look yellow. The good news? There may be no need to spend hundreds of pounds on professional teeth whitening! Since there are plenty of simple changes you can make, we think makeup is a good place to start…


Look at the above picture of Blake Lively. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that her perfect lippy is helping her teeth look whiter than white! But wearing a slick of red everyday just isn’t very interesting. Well, there are some simple rules you can follow to get a similar effect. Avoid orangey tones, in favour of colours with bluey notes. That means berries, purples and cool reds, over browns and corals. Easy!


A touch of gloss can really help teeth shine, but selecting the right finish is essential! Go for clear, wet-look glosses over anything shimmery. Icy, frosty or gold elements lighten the colour on the lips and may counteract the effect of the right shade. As a result, you might end up accidentally picking out the yellowy tones instead! A touch of gloss is the best way to pull off a nude with a flash of white smile.


Whether it’s your face or the lips themselves, contouring can really help to highlight your smile. Contouring the nose can lead the eye right down to the lips, whereas defining cheekbones pulls attention towards the centre of the face. Contouring your lips to look fuller can also help to draw attention towards your carefully selected lip colour. Who knew whiter teeth was just a contour away?


We all know a nice deep tan can really help to accentuate those pearly whites, but when faking the effect you have to be careful! Ditch the orangey tones in favour of a grey-brown shade to avoid your teeth looking as orange as your tan.


So maybe your teeth are just not that white. That’s ok! If drawing attention to your lips with a perfect shade doesn’t work, detracting from your lips to your peepers certainly will. Plump for the same cool blue tones as before with a pretty purple, indigo, royal blue or silver. Super on-trend at the moment, a vivid green or turquoise blue are a sensational spring go-to!

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