Why you need a digital detox this bank holiday

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Image: That’s Just Fabulous Blog


With more social media to keep up with than ever – thoughts on Instagram stories? – we’ve been feeling the need to make time, away from our phones and laptops, to reset, recharge, sleep better and feel more ‘in-sync’ (for use of a better term) to what’s going on in the real world.

So how do you do it?

First, deal with the logistics. Tell your friends and family that you are going internet-free, make a list of all the small jobs you want to get done, the people you want to see and places you want to go; you’ll be too busy having fun and ticking off your to-do list that you won’t even miss your phone. We find 48 hours to be the perfect detox, without compromising on work or social commitments.

The benefits of a digital detox:

  1. Do you ever find yourself feeling anxious when scrolling through the different apps on your phone? By taking time away from the screen, you’ll find yourself feeling more relaxed without the constant stream of notifications.
  2. While we love Instagram and reading blogs, it can have a real negative impact if you’re feeling a little low. A detox will halt your self-comparisons to ‘Instareality’.
  3. Without the distractions of a phone, you’re productivity will soar! You’ll work much more efficiently as you’re wholly focussed on the task.
  4. Not checking your phone and emails will give your brain space to logistically crack any problems you’ve been putting off, and creative ideas will bubble to the surface.
  5. We’re all guilty of looking at our phones instead of talking to the people around us. You only have to walk outside to see that 9/10 people will have a phone in their hand or have their eyes fixed to a screen. You might feel lost at first without that ‘comfort’ of having a phone in social situations but it will help you notice and connect with the people physically around you.
  6. It becomes a healthy habit. Just like drinking eight glasses of water a day, you’ll soon start to notice when you need another digital detox. Every weekend might be too much but maybe commit to once a month and reap the benefits.


Have we tempted you to do your own digital detox? Don’t worry, we’ll still be here when you get back!